5 Healing Aromatherapy Recipes For The Exhausted Empath

We all know who an empath is! Their life is surely tiring and so full of emotions. And if you are empath who is involved in magic, energy healing, Reiki, massage, and aromatherapy; you are obviously someone who is working on a deeper level.

Being an empath will obviously affect you deeply. It will affect you so much that sometimes even you won’t be able to know the impact that it has on you.

And we are worried about you.

So, here are five recipes for the overloaded empath that they can use and benefit from:

The recipes

While you are creating aromatherapy blends to use on your skin, you always want to dilute the essential oils in a carrier oil or unscented lotion.

You can choose the oil that you want. It can be anything; coconut oil, jojoba, sesame, or any other gentle oil you prefer.

Research and check for your own skin sensitivities and allergies.

Mix oil with 1oz of carrier oil.

You can multiply recipe as needed.

1. Stress relief aromatherapy recipe

4-5 drops lavender essential oil

4-5 drops clary sage essential oil

4-5 drops petit grain sur fleurs essential oil

1 fluid oz of carrier oil

1. Protection aromatherapy recipe

4-5 drops patchouli essential oil

4-5 drops angelica essential oil

4-5 drops dragon’s blood essential oil

1 fluid oz of carrier oil

3. Grounding aromatherapy recipe

4-5 drops vetiver essential oil

4-5 drops frankincense essential oil

4-5 drops myrrh essential oil

1 fluid oz of carrier oil

4. Energy Vampires Be Gone recipe

3-4 drops lemongrass essential oil

3-4 drops cedarwood essential oil

3-4 drops lemon essential oil

3-4 drops peppermint essential oil

1 fluid oz of carrier oil

5. Energetic clearing blend 

4-5 drops Palo Santo essential oil

4-5 drops white sage essential oil

4-5 drops geranium essential oil

1 fluid oz of carrier oil

These recipes will make you feel so much better. You will surely come back to thank us. Share your experiences with these recipes in the comments section below.  

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