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7 Signs That She Is A Bad Witch

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Magic is something abstract to a lot of us, something most of us have not been able to find an idea of, but what is not foreign to us is the idea and concept of good and bad, and there is good and bad in magic, too, which is why some witches are good while some bad.

What separates the good witches from the bad ones is the usage of dark forces. Dark forces must not be confused with black magic because black magic is anything but evil, but there is more to recognizing a bad witch. Read on to find out.

1. Free will is not important to her 

Bad witches do not care about consent. If you see a witch throwing spells at people that have not consented to this kind of magical exposure, know that it is a bad witch. When a witch does this, she takes it upon herself to decide what is right or wrong for someone else, which is not in her place. If people are going through a tough time, it is because they were destined to. No witch has the authority to help the person in question without their consent.

2. Dark forces

A bad witch dabbles in dark forces. She might have a noble purpose but it is never the solution to present the case to any carrier of the dark forces. Things can go terribly wrong and nine out of ten times they will, too, because forces of the dark arts do not exist to do good in any way. They will find a way to do bad.

3. Showing off 

It is not in the nature of a good witch to talk about or boast about her abilities but a bad witch will always grab every opportunity she gets to flaunt her powers with both hands. Good witches do not crave recognition but bad ones do, and they will do just about anything to get it.

4. Exploiting the weak 

When you have the powers of a witch, it is easy to want to manipulate other people and make them known of your powers but this is a desire that no good witch would succumb to, because she always knows better. A bad witch however will exploit the weak if it means benefit for her.

5. Ungrateful

Witches derive and owe their powers to higher powers and it should be in every witch to reach a certain level of humility to be grateful for them. Bad witches do not feel the need to do so and are more than often times take their powers for granted. Make no mistake, the higher powers do not ask for or need the gratitude but when a witch does not show gratitude and is nescient of the sheer intensity of the forces, she stores up bad karma that eventually lead her to the bad side of everything.

6. Victim playing

It is a characteristic trait of every bad witch to play victim when accused of doing something wrong- they will say they thought they were doing a good thing. Not only that, when proven wrong, they will refuse to budge and keep their stand, believing that there is not a chance that they could be wrong in any way.

7. Unpleasant auras 

When a bad witch is in control of the dark forces, she commits bad and evil deeds everyday and it only keeps getting worse, because with the dark forces, there is no going back. This bad karma starts to manifest itself in the aura of the witch, which makes it unpleasant, heavy and foggy.

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