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Why Mentally Strong People Avoid Self-Pity At All Costs

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by Conscious Reminder

Recently, a team of psychological studies interviewed 10 mentally strong people for a research study.

Although they mostly spoke about various ways to attain the “nirvana” of mental strength, all of them agreed to one point wholeheartedly – self-pity is the easiest way to destroy one’s own life.

In today’s world, we are always exposed to new challenges to cope with. Some people do not acknowledge the fact that life indeed is a vicious cycle of successes and failures. He immediately succumbs to the pressure of surviving the odds of the world and questions himself, “why always me?” And thus kicks off the constant struggle to overcome one’s fear of failure.

Avoid Negativity Build-Up

The danger of self-pity lies in the fact that it can crumble a healthy, well-functioning individual’s world gradually, destroying his private life and social life. Not to mention how much negativity it generates within him and lowers the person’s vibration.

This aura of negativity is radiated by him all around. It affects others around him so profusely that they start avoiding him. Isolation, self-pity, self-blame – everything churns up to form a big lump of depression. 

Balance out Work and Family

To avoid this never-ending uphill task, psychologists suggest readers sort out their lives accordingly. The main objective is to prioritize one’s work schedule so that he can balance his time between his work sphere and his family circle.

Mentally strong people always value the importance of family ethics and family bonding. These keep them rooted to the ground and help them strive for greater achievements in life. 

An Opportunity to Learn

Life is too short to blame your luck for facing hardship. It’s insignificant to complain about your personal problems to strangers on social media as well – because nobody cares.

The change initiates within you and it can only help you develop into a better person if you accept this one particular challenge for a change – the challenge of living up to your own worth and to lead a simple, happier life. 

And it starts today. So, what are you waiting for? Gear up!

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