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Girls Who Stay Single The Longest Always End Up Being The Happiest

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by Conscious Reminder

Not everyone desires to be in a relationship. People are very whimsical and it is very difficult to read someone’s mind. Some girls love being single.

There’s More To Life Than Relationship Goals

Many ambitious women prefer to be single at an early point in their life because they believe that love is not the only thing which is important in a relationship. Both the partners must be financially strong and independent. Women nowadays do not believe that men should be the only bread earners in the family. 

They like to be single as it gives them the time to explore themselves better and figure out the goals in life. Being single helps them to achieve better things in life as they have their complete undivided focus locked on their goals. 

No Faith In Happily Ever-Afters

Many girls are also single because they believe that most of the relationships have the same outcome. They devote a lot of time and attention but in the end, it is all in vain and they are back to being single. 

Women tend to get more emotionally involved than boys. Hence it also takes them more time to recover from heartbreak and in the meantime, they lose out on the better things in life.

They Won’t Settle For Less

Research has shown us that women who choose to be single for a long time remain the happiest. This is mainly because they know what their worth is. They are matured enough to deal with their own issues and they do not always complain when things do not pan out according to their wishes.

 Such women can easily differentiate between long-term and short-term goals. They are more hard-working, devoted and passionate in their life. And they are adept in dealing with problems practically and always plan out their course of action beforehand. 

Marriage Not A Priority Anymore

Many would think that women, who decide to stay single, do so because they find it very difficult to find a partner for them. But that is passe. The reality today is starkly different. They want to live life and experience all that life has to offer. Marriage comes later in their priority list and the thought of not getting married at all also does not scare them. 

So, girls in tumultuous twenties going onto thorny thirties, rejoice, for you get to be the happiest! Men out there, you have hit a jackpot too, for nothing guarantees a cheerful life more than the happiest woman on earth!

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