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How To Recognize That Your Guardian Angels Are Protecting You When You Are In Danger

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by Conscious Reminder

Everyone has a guardian angel, who takes care of them. While they may be invisible to all of us, they are always present, hovering around in the atmosphere, looking out for us, waiting to step in and take control of the situation.

Surprisingly, not every guardian angel is invisible, and floating. Some of our guardian angels are human beings, existing around us, whom we have no idea of, but they continuously look out for us. Think of Orwell’s Big Brother, but only a savior. They are always there, and it only needs you to sight them.

Here’s how to recognize them.

Someone You Might Have Known

Have you ever dreamt of situations when you are in a familiar environment, but with people you have an inkling that you know them, but you don’t really know them. People, you might have been familiar with, but at that exact point, you can’t pin point their existence. These people come up to you, and soothe your nerves, in such a way that you find yourself taking them for shelter. You might never know them, but their way of existing, makes you feel like they are your own.

Everything Suddenly Falls Into Place

Have you ever been in a situation when someone was talking, and you only had the opportunity to catch snippets of conversation, but suddenly, this problem you were facing, has found a solution to it? This is the work of angels when they play around with time and space, so that you get what you seek, from the last place you would ever expect.

Help The Needy

Never ignore beggars on the road. They are the incarnation of angels when you least expect them to. When they are asking to be helped, realize that it is Karma all along, that would come around to you, and meet you in all its splendid glory. Their blessings aren’t just blessings, but messages that the universe is trying to send you.

White Feathers

Always question yourself if you find a white feather. After all, it isn’t an everyday occurrence, and too true to be just a coincidence. It might be a signal from the angels, that the place you found them is important? Who knows.

Ethereal Music

Remember, music is for the gods. That’s how they talk to us. But, if you are in the lull of music that you can’t explain, or a particular tune has been stuck into your head for a long time now, it could be very much possible, that the angels are signaling to you.

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