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Why Loners Always Turn Out To Be The Best Friends You Will Ever Have

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Our society doesn’t quite get along with the idea of an introvert’s idiosyncrasies. Because after all, who’d even care to go up to a quiet, reserved person and make him open up about his own world?

That one guy who has his lunch alone at the canteen with a book, or that one girl who clings on to her earphones while being surrounded by her classmates – “is it even worth it, speaking to them?” , you ask yourself. But the truth is – you should take the chance. Statistics say that loners are the best people to hang out with.

No Meaningless Drama

It’s true that it takes an awful amount of work to get along comfortably with an introverted loner who minds his own business. But there are several benefits to having one such person as your friend. A loner doesn’t spend much time dealing with unnecessary events and useless drama in life.

So, whenever he’s actively doing something, it’s a really constructive act! Loners do not tend to indulge in small talk and self-publicity as well. So, if he considers you as his friend, he’ll always treat you like a true gentleman who deserves respect.  There is no question of faking it. You will surely admire his humility!

Not All Loners Are Introverts

Now, brace yourself because the next line will blow your mind – not all loners are introverted! The extroverted loners are a special breed of humans who can get along well with strangers effortlessly and possess tremendous communication skills.

Excellent Support System

These people often prefer to stay away from the limelight and focus on their primary objectives in life instead. This is exactly the kind of people who act as nodes of impetus in your life to push you towards success.

Loners respect the aspect of a friendship and they treat their selective friends with utmost care. They put up a brilliant image of themselves in front of you, making sure you trust them wholeheartedly. Never will a loner be insensitive to your needs.

If you ever manage to befriend someone as genuine as a loner, thank the seven heavens above and definitely thank us later for this article!

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