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Regroup & Restructure: Guiding Principles Of September

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

This month, you should truly be waking up before September ends, no puns intended. This means one thing: the energies in the heavens will be fruitful for you in the way a good pick-me-up is.

Like Billy Joel Armstrong, you too will have the power (finally) to move on from the scars of the past, and look towards a brighter future, one that truly has the greenest of days.

The month with its celestial activities will have a constructive and reparative effect on your fortunes. The auras produced will smoothen out the road to bettering past wrongdoings of yourself, and past wrongs done to you.

The reconstruction will also come and should come with a fair deal of remodelling, or remaking. This is the ripest of times to make sure you try to become, actively, a better person, a better and more exemplary human being.

The word ‘recalibration’ itself has a lot to do with stabilising; balancing what has been thrown off balance. This is a direct reference to your frequency which has been put off-course by the lives you lead.

This September might just be the antidote for the stress that has been caused to you. The secret to this recalibration is of course the process of subtly and fully letting go. 

There are things and even people that/who hold you back more than usual, in your usual course of life. These include toxic relationships, friendships and habits.

Let’s start with the worst of these three: habits. By habits we mean things you know you shouldn’t be doing, but do anyway, subconsciously hurting yourself in the process. You know just what we mean – addictive behaviours like smoking, drinking and hard drugs.

If something becomes a habit, you cannot do without, it is meant to bring you down some way or the other, sometime or the other.

The same goes with relationships that are absolutely toxic and overdone. These, unlike drugs or alcohol, might not affect the body, but, like those things, have a very deadening effect on our will to live and our hearts.

This September is your time to finally outgrow them and move on. This is the time to actually fight your demons. The heavens are with you, and your lucky stars are shining brightly. Believe in God and have faith in his working.

There are certain outcomes that will more or less come to pass this September thanks to your attempts at recalibrating your mind and body: these are as follows.

Firstly, your health might grunt and huff and puff, especially if you are trying to cut back on things like junk food, or simply trying to give up smoking, alcohol, drugs or all of those things. It is called withdrawal and is kind of a rite of passage for every addict.

If you believe you need help/rehab, now would be a great time to seek it. There is no shame in asking for help when you need it. The universe might just provide it in the nick of time.

Secondly, this month is all about the mind and heart. This is the month when you finally let yourself receive the love you really deserve. This is the month when your withdrawal from addictive, toxic relationship ends.

The pain ends when you want it to end. It is time you take things in your hand and appreciate the ones who even invisibly help you in your life. These include your parents, friends, colleagues, mentors or anybody else who has managed to put a smile on your face when you needed it.

This will be the month of emotional uplifting and things will start to look up if you try.

Try and hope. Namaste.

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