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Twin Flame Love Relationships: When You Hit The Right Note

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The idea of finding your twin flame excites most of us. The thought of being with the person in whose presence you will reach the seventh sky is so fascinating.

But then if you’re thinking that it’s going to be anything like Hollywood style of love, then perhaps you’re at fault. We’ve been slightly misguided there. It’s true that the connection is going to be beyond simple comprehension, but it won’t manifest itself as rainbows in the sky. 

Interestingly, when you’ll meet your twin flame, there’s a possibility that you’ll both go through turmoil of emotions. This is because you’re both trying to accommodate this new feeling and the changes in their energy level that the new relationship requires. When yin-yang come together, feminine and masculine energies undergo alterations in us and a new emotional journey begins. 

At this moment you’ll possibly feel lows and highs alternately or simultaneously. There are times when positive emotions like passion for epic sex and extreme feeling of joyousness will embrace you. At the same time, if you’re a spiritual person these feelings may reach other end of the scale to make you feel depressed and suicidal. 

When both partners are going through the feeling of ecstasy, it often becomes difficult for them to separate each other to work on their inner self. It’s next to impossible to walk away from the person because togetherness seems so tempting to both of them. 

At the same time, when the low hits it gets difficult to imagine going back to the old life of comfort. You look for peace and psychotherapy but nothing can bring back the peace that you had before you encountered your twin flame.

It gets beyond your control and you desperately hope that some practitioner could assist you in finding your way out of this soul altering, ego-crumbling, thrilling emotions.  

It’s quite possible that you’ve been on this spiritual journey earlier as well but have been inconsistent with your studies and meditative practices. You’ve probably been too occupied with other considerations to understand these feelings. But when you come across your twin flame and the reality hits you, you’re your life takes a U-turn from there. 

You’re now on the path of being awakened. You’ll develop as a person, will be more balanced in your emotions, and know how to deal with both joy and sorrow in a much more organized manner. The Hollywood romantic image that you had about love will finally take a more mature shape. 

The problem is that your life may seem to be out of your control suddenly. You have no clue about who or what’s controlling your life but it’s certainly not you anymore. But don’t worry because this is all a part of a divine plan that’ll only take you ahead in life.

During these moments of extreme joy and absolute lows, try not to think too much about the plan. Let things develop organically and don’t waste your energy in attempting to comprehend each happening in your life. 

The reason why this twin flame entered your life is because it was designed for you by divine power. You were meant to meet each other and learn something new in life—something beyond the childish Hollywood dreams that you saw earlier. 

Once the work is done and the new couple is aligned with each other you both will become healers. As a couple, you’ll be a team that’ll be able to address those who’re still addressing the baser feelings of simplistic ‘love’. Your presence will serve as an example for others to discover their higher purpose in life. 

In case you are right in the center of turbulent emotions then just hold on for a while longer. You are destined to reach the calmness of the still waters where you and your partner will float through the spiritual journey together.

Have faith in the power of twin flame that will help you get past the turmoil. The peace that you’ll achieve will be like being born again. 

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