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 Virgo New Moon Ushers Change This September 9th

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by Conscious Reminder

September 9th brings a powerful Virgo New Moon and you should be ready for a period of intense changes.

The New Virgo Moon aligns with Sun, which means it’s the time for healing and taking important decisions. So, does this mean your problems will disappear magically? Of course not.

Many times in life we reach a state of stasis where we don’t do what our soul desires. It could be anything- writing, singing, dancing, drawing, anything that rejuvenates the soul, the mind. This is where our souls die a silent death and with the New Moon, you can decide your destiny by rejuvenating your spirit.

Happiness isn’t magic, it’s a state of mind that requires effort just like everything else. You can’t put others’ lives ahead of yours and expect a miracle. You need to introspect on the people you keep close, on the path of life you choose and most importantly on the evolution of your own soul. 

Here are the ways in which this transitional phase will affect you :


You will get less sleep and will wake up earlier than usual. Take this as a sign to be more productive during the extra hours that you get. 24 hours is a long time if you wish to accomplish something. You will also feel hungry often due to the rise in energy level and the increased activity. It is completely natural, so nourish your body.


Epiphanies will become the part and parcel of your life. This is a time to pause and ponder. Don’t jump to conclusions or do irrational things, but take your time to evaluate. Channelize the creative energy into art or anything that requires imagination. This is a productive period, don’t let it go. As they say, look before you leap.


You may feel a little introverted and that’s perfectly fine. You must focus on yourself and work towards your goals. It’s okay if you don’t want to go partying on a Saturday night and instead decide to stay home reading a book. Choose your actions wisely and they’ll give you the life you want.

Let go of all the things that chain you down mentally and physically. Challenge yourself to become the best version of you. 

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