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Don’t Beat Yourself Up If You Make Bad Decisions, But You Can Stop The Trend

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by Conscious Reminder

Humans are prone to make bad decisions because complete knowledge has been denied to them. They always make decisions based on their biases and flawed judgements.

The consequences are often dire. Imagine going out for drinks when you know very well that you have to be at work the next day. Imagine falling for someone who is your exact antithesis, despite knowing this will lead to nowhere. Imagine keeping a fight going with your best friend, when you know it will not lead either of you anywhere.

These are some of the many examples of things people end up doing despite knowing the consequences.

Well if you are one of these people, don’t knock yourself up about this. You aren’t alone, and you definitely aren’t extraordinarily stupid.

Everyone makes mistakes, the real deal is to realise them, correct them and move on.

So what if there was a magical moment when it was possible to freeze time, and metaphorically slap yourself to prevent you from making a bad decision?

Well, there might just be one, as studies have shown.

The study was published in the Journal of Economic Psychology. The study had participants take part in experiments about cheating.

The results, in a quick summary were as follows: people who chose to be in a position where they could take a loophole out of a test were more likely to do so that those who had been put there and had no hand in making the choice.

The conclusion is kind of simple: people end up making bad decisions especially frequently when they subconsciously place themselves in said positions.

When people are put in compromising situations there is an innate sense of helplessness as it is, in them.

This is when they start playing things safer than usual. This is when they start to consciously and subconsciously think alike. This is when they make sure they are in a position of whatever little power they can.

So the moment you make or break things is when you realise you are subconsciously putting yourself in the origin point of chaos as it was.

So, look before you leap.


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