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Twin Flames Intimacy: The Sacred Bond

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder 

Before we get into discussing twin flames, let us first talk about what intimacy is. Intimacy is way beyond just the body or just the physical aspect of being; it has to do with the soul.

When two souls meet, the resulting exchange go way deeper than the exchange of mere bodily fluids.

When indulging in the physical expression of love, the experience for soul mates and twin flames is known to be pretty different from one another, as for soul mates, the act is strictly physical: it is for the pleasure of the senses and the flesh, but for twin flames, it goes beyond skin.

It is the meeting of two souls and their inexorable desire to be one, because they cannot remain separate for any longer. When twin flames begin to feel the need for intimacy, it is actually the calling of their souls and their need to be together as one, as the distinction is too much for a twin flame to bear. 

When twin flames finally get to indulging in the act of love making or coitus, the feelings that are felt by both parties involved do not stay limited to physical.

Something fathomless is exchanged; the act in itself becomes a symbol for feelings that are not just felt in the flesh. When these souls come together, the lowly and the more petty part of humanity, such as conceit is left behind and only the truest and the purest part of an individual comes through.

Both parties involved find themselves getting close to self-actualisation and a feeling of oneness with the universe. 

Unlike casual sex that leads a person nowhere but may be just an orgasm at times, twin flame love making helps people to find an attachment or a feeling of interconnectedness. Twin flame intimacy is way, way more than just a chase to finally reach an orgasm.

Another thing that really sets apart twin flame intimacy from general physical exchanges is that twin flame intimacy is not just the main act, it encompasses all that goes on before and after the act is committed, as the whole process is basically the coming together of two souls.

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