Man Captures Once In A Lifetime Sight While Whale-Watching

by Conscious Reminder

We have all heard the saying that a picture says a thousand words so going by that, a video must tell a story.

What sets apart a photograph from the video (even though they are both used to capture moments)?

So, when you see a photograph, you are going to need someone who was present when the photo was taken to explain its significance to you, or at least tell you about what was happening when the photo was taken and so on.

When capturing a moment that means something to us, it is not necessary for us to have expensive gear or the best light or an absolutely quiet room.

A video taken in the streets can also be worth a million things and we are going to be talking about one such incident!

There are loads of people who go boating along the coast of Alaska but not everyone is as luck as Brad Rich.

Brad Rich had been boating in Seward when he heard a noise that made him jump inside his duffel bag and take a video camera out.

The video that was shot shows a flock of seagulls for some time and then something happens and Brad changes the direction of the camera.

To his surprise, he sees fifteen humpback whales, all of their heads out of the water.

They had possibly come out to feed and what is truly amazing about it all is that they were completely unbothered by everything that was happening around them.

They stuck their heads out, had Brad completely flabbergasted and then went right back in like nothing happened. 

The video has Brad laughing and going absolutely bonkers with surprise and amazement, audiences have commented that Brad’s happiness makes the video all the more wonderful and that must definitely be true, because the video has been watched more than fourteen million times.

It is not every day that people come across a sight such as this, but god bless Brad for recording it, so that he was not the only one who could behold it. 

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