You Can Invite Angels Into Your Home & This Is How To Do It

by Conscious Reminder

The supernatural being considered as the intermediary between god and human are angels. They are supposed to be the good spirits who guide you and help you in your times of despair.

Though mythological, people tend to believe in the existence of angels as a good luck charm in their lives. There are many ways in which angels can be welcomed to stay with you, in your home.

Considering the fact that angels are one of the prime epitomes of love and affection, we all want them in our midst. Being surrounded by an angel tends to purify your home as well as you. Also, they bring in positivity and eradicate out pain and suffering. 

Get to know about angels

Before inviting guardian angels to stay with you and bless you with happiness and prosperity, you should know about them. Having an idea about who these supernatural creatures are and how they work is necessary for you to word accordingly, keeping in mind not to upset them. 

Select your preferred angels

After you’ve gathered enough idea about angels, choose the ones you need with you according to the time and situation. There are a number of angels waiting to help you out. All that you need is to call out for the right angel. Angels might be needed differently by different people. You can invite a number of angels for all your family members and help them all with blessings of good life and fortune. 

Request them to come down to help you

Angels are superior entities who are to be treated with utmost respect and care. Set your intentions clear as to what exactly you need and request the angel to come and help you out in the required situation. It may be filling your house with positivity and removing dark energies or protecting your family against certain odds. You can always request an angel to help you by either writing an invitation to them or by sending prayers to heaven, asking them to relieve you.

Place crystal stones inside your house

Keeping crystals at the entrance of your home or by the window sills can be a great way of inviting angels to your home. They tend to connect with crystals as a symbol of calling them in your lives. Angels connect to only certain crystals like selenite, celestite etc. So, place these magical crystals in places through where you want your angels to come inside your house and lighten it up. These stones are like clear signals for the angels, reminding them that people on earth need them to get rid of misery. 

Using light reflectors

Angels are known for purifying your house by removing darkness and bringing in light. They themselves radiate light, signifying illumination of world and life. Keeping light reflectors or bright sources of light, are considered as an invitation to the angels. You may use prisms or mirrors or sun catchers as light reflectors or candles and lamps as direct sources of light. You may also keep scented candles.

Keep scented flowers

Some angels, connect themselves to good scented flowers like jasmine, iris, daisies etc. These flowers are commonly associated with angelic presence. Plant them in your garden or keep them inside your home and see angels visiting you often.

Keep figures of angels

Placing angelic figurines in your home is seen as an invitation to angels to be a part of your abode. It is regarded as a means of providing them with respect and reverence. The angels too, might get impressed by your dedication and bless you with their presence around you. 

Keep oils with good fragrances

Angels are very much attracted by good and soothing smell of flowers and essential oils. Keeping such oils or even incense sticks at home, help the angels to know that you want them to be there with you.

Hang bells and wind chimes

Hanging chimes and little bells in your homes at the entrance is like an invitation to the angels. They consider these sounds as melodious music. Angels are clearly in harmony with the mild sound produced and would themselves want to stay with you as well. Chimes are also used as a sign of positive energy.

Put up a welcome sign

It is always good to put sun catchers or chimes in your window or door. These not only ask the heavenly beings to enter into your house but also prevents negative vibes and energies from entering into your house. Such energies, on the contrary, do not like radiance or mild sounds of bells. 

Yet, the one way that would always bring forth an angel is your heart. Wish for them, and they would appear. You need to have the zeal.

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