New Moon In Libra October 8th/9th: Resolving Dysfunctional Relationships

by Conscious Reminder

A new moon is on the way on the 9th of October. And we all know the powers of a new moon. It is the reset button, the magic second chance we all need in life.

This is the time when you try to harvest the energies of the moon by trying to reset yourself, by trying to break the rut you have gotten into over the past couple of months thanks to the retrogrades of planets one after the other.

The effort that one puts in into this reinventing of the self is multiplied by the new moon. So, it is better to go the extra mile whenever one is nearby on the calendar.

This time would be particularly fruitful for people who have been observing dysfunctionalities and anomalies in relationships they have trusted till date. This is when you either have the courage to break the habit and come out of the relationship that brings you down, or you sit down and talk it out with the other concerned party and make sure you two are on the same page and thereby prevent the toxic behaviours from continuing.

(Note: Thanks to different time zones, continental US will see the new moon tomorrow at around 8:45 pm)

The inhabiting constellation of the new moon this time around is Libra

Libra symbolises two things, firstly justice: that is the fact that Fate gives everyone their just desserts some time or the other, and secondly the fact that excesses are unwelcome in all aspects of life.

Equity, and not equality is what Libra preaches; that people get what they deserve and not just equal portions of justice.

Anything in excess can turn it into something bad: for example, love becomes obsession, pride becomes ego and mania, greed puts on more gaudy and obvious colours, jealousy too gets aggravated.

Libra hence symbolises the enjoyment of everything in an equitable and enjoyable manner, the middle path.

Libra has a presiding planet/deity like all others: Venus. Venus is the goddess of love and attraction but also of balance and the productivity one ends up having if their mind is at peace. This is the exact opposite of her mythical spouse, Mars, the planet of war.

Chaos and war are things totally alien to both Libra and Venus. Conflict is something both these celestials are averse to.

Libra is an air sign. In the Tarot deck it is denoted by the suit of swords, representing the double-edged sword of the mind: the conscious and the unknown unconscious of the realm of dreams.

Libra is all about achieving one’s greatest potential by harnessing and dominating the unconscious, to reach the realms of conscious rationality. This is how justice is achieved: with no cryptic dreams, but words, clear and understandable.

This is why Librans speak after thinking about what they say more than usual. This is because it is better to be totally sure of one’s words, before unintentional ones escape you and fracture someone else.

The outcomes of this new moon will be wins for everyone

Like we stated earlier, the temperament of Venus is totally opposite to her mythical spouse Mars who rules over Aries.

Where a new moon in Aries might cause internal and external conflict, this new moon would be the opposite. This is going to give you the internal peace and productive work environment you have always wanted.

The lesson that justice, the ruling virtue of Venus and Libra, teaches us is that when people treat others the way they deserve to, they not only make their own lives a lot smoother but also pave the way for a more hospitable world too.

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