Five Truths About The Etheric Energy

by Conscious Reminder

One of the earliest scientific theories man formulated was about the composition of the world around him.

This is called the elemental theory and said that whatever was around us was made of five elements, no more and no less. The first four were physical elements, things you can see and feel, earth, fire, water and air.

The fifth one and by far the most all-encompassing was an invisible liquid called Ether. Ether is what our souls are composed of.

There are many instances in which man has felt the power of ether; but because he never understood it, he felt more comfortable tabling it under the broad heading of supernatural, the extraordinary.

But it is very much a part of nature and here are five truths about it that you might not have known:

1. Sickness of the soul

Is what causes the sickness of the body. You might want to say that infections come in, from outside, but the answer is simple: it is the sickness of the soul that makes you vulnerable to infections in the first place.

2. There are methods to cure it as well

Just like the body, the soul requires its own medicine. Yoga, kundalini therapy and reiki are a few of the many ways in which imbalances of the soul can be balanced out, and harmony can be restored.

3. Every object has its own frequency

And it is unique to it. The particular frequency footprint of each body comes from the interaction of the body with the ether that surrounds it. This is why the colours of flames consuming different things are different.

4. Healing has been taught wrong

We were told to just calm down and take things easy for a while. But that does not work. You must see a healer, and a spiritual one at that.

5. We are meant to ascend

Not look inwards till the moment of death.

And spiritual healing is the one thing that can help you do it.

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  1. There are many articles on this site that folks both agree and disagree with… This one would go under the “disagree” aspect!… #4. When you calm yourself and open to Being, you allow yourself to be open to receive “all” you need! In the midst of struggle you are closed off! If you continuously seek from the outside what you need on the inside, you will continue the gerbil wheel of disappointment and partial satisfaction, never meeting full resolution! All the power is “within”… It was brought to all of us, the moment our mother’s conceived us!… #5. We are meant to look within “prior to death”, where true self-realization begins! Otherwise, the gerbil wheel of reincarnation is the result! Ascension, meaning “higher” doesn’t fully equate with what is needed to live your best life… Learning “beyond” what is taught, so you can stop following others, opening to the majesty and power that is already within you, becoming the leader (in your own and/or other’s lives), you are meant to Be… Be what you want, and you’ll never be disappointed! Namaste…


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