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The Spiritual Significance Of The Color Purple

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Rich in meaning and symbolism, purple has always had a prominent place in our histories. It is everything from a royal color to the color of widowhood.

The Warmth Of Purple

A combination of the primary colors, red and blue, purple brings together the best of both. Red is full of heat and strength where blue is known for its coolness and intensity. Purple has all the ferocity of red tempered by the calm surety of blue.

A Royal Indulgence

Not a color that commonly occurs naturally, purple is not easily found because very few plants have purple pigmentation. This is most likely why European royals have been using it as their color for generations. Its scarcity kept it out of reach of the poor. From this perspective, purple denotes riches, power and transcendence.

Psychics And Metaphysics

There is a lot of spiritual significance to purple. The color can help in many rituals, especially with meditating with the Third Eye. It is also very useful for healers. With its strong shades, it can be used to enhance psychic powers and most psychics usually have a touch of purple about them either in their clothes, perfume or jewellery.

A Boon To Artists

Of purple’s many powers, one of the most powerful concerns creativity. Artists find that using purple gives them inspiration. If nothing else, putting a few finishing touches in purple can really change the aesthetic of your design.

The Various Shades

Lighter shades of purple denote all things feminine. All of us have a little bit of both the feminine and the masculine within us and light purple enriches the former. A darker shade would signify sorrow, anger and worry so keep away from those.

If it is a purple that is vibrant and vivid, it denotes riches, luxury, and influence. But an overdose of it can make a person proud, snobbish, and distant.

Cure For Insomnia

With its spiritual nature, purple makes astral projection easier as it quickly induces sleep. Lavender is very useful for treating insomnia and light, dull purples can make you feel calm and peaceful.

These meanings barely scratch the surface of this rich and vibrant color. Whether or not you agree on the symbolism of the color people, no one can deny that it is beautiful and pleasing.

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