Mercury In Sagittarius 2018: More Than Meets The Eye

by Conscious Reminder

Hello, all you Sagittarians, are you out there exploring something new? The planets are going to be aligned again and this time, Mercury will be in Sagittarius.

Imagine what would happen when the detail-conscious Mercury comes into your territory? You have always been free – looking at the broader picture. It’s how we Sagittarians come to know the world. Our curiosity and enthusiasm make us all adventurous and a bit of a risk-taker. We don’t mind it, actually, I’d say we love it.

But what happens if Mercury breaches our well-kept territory?

It’s time for us to be a bit curious and look into ourselves and how the planets are going to influence us. Mercury will be sliding into Sagittarius on the 8th of November. Imagine Mercury coming into your territory and mingling with your friends and families around a bonfire.

The bonfire is of course you – the last of the fire signs – a Sagittarius. Remember, Mercury rules over our communication styles and thereby modifies our thought processes. So what truths are you going to reveal this time? Maybe there will be changes in the way you talk or behave?

When Sagittarius meets its contradiction

The curious Gemini is ruled by Mercury too, and it lives as a polar opposite to Sagittarius. Now if we were to add up the communicative Mercury with the curious Gemini, we will get a whole new idea of the impact it will have on Sagittarius. Mercury looks into details carefully. We, Sagittarians, would rather look at the broader picture.

That’s why we are more of a visionary and like a philosopher we would look at the world from a broader spectrum. Mercury will bring in some distortion to this view when it comes in conflict and starts to analyse every bit of detail. The matter doesn’t end there though.

Mercury also rules over Virgo, which is extremely practical and lives in the present. But this ‘here and now’ attitude of Virgo is completely opposite to the enthusiastic and imaginative personality of Sagittarius. We do not like to be tied down by the present. As Sagittarius, we love the endless possibilities that life has to offer.

So what’s going to happen?

Mercury in Sagittarius shows a similarity with Mercury in Scorpio in the way that it hides a lot of its messages. It seems to come with a lot of different issues. But don’t fret yourself on it too much. You just have to be a bit careful. When you add the talkative quality of Mercury along with its obsession over details, you can understand that there will be some new communication changes that will take place.

Think before you speak, and check your words as you speak. There may be a chance that details will slip off your tongue which you don’t want to reveal. Mercury can also make you exaggerate your claims a bit and this unnecessary boasting might land you into trouble. But on the plus side, these may be consequences of the optimism that Mercury in Sagittarius brings in your life –bringing in a detailed and practical look into the way you are right now. So, accept it gladly.

More Sagittarius than you think

But if you are not a Sagittarius, don’t just overlook this message – all of us have Sagittarius somewhere in our birth chart, either as a planet, or as an astrological house on the basis of an ascendant. We will all be infused by the curiosity to learn more about us and about our surroundings. We will love to have conversations. That’s just because Mercury can enjoy any conversation. It just wants answers and any opportunity for long conversations will be exciting. So, rest assured, you won’t be bored.

There’s always something more than what meets the eye. So, Sagittarians, dig deeper and keep on exploring yourself and the world around you. Who knows what treasure awaits you.

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