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The Last Twin Flame Reincarnation

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Twin flames are the ones weaved from the same cloth. Before their rebirth in the material world, they lived in harmony being a single soul.

A cataclysmic thunderbolt of energy has sequestered them into two different halves.

However, this is immense energy which could disintegrate the profound elements of familiarity that were embedded deep inside their spiritual being.

So, that is why they instantly recognize each other when they reunite.

Although they may have undergone varying levels of spiritual enlightenment in their human forms, they can still feel a crippling and crushing feeling in their bones when their existences meet in this world.

Normal humans often only connect with people that they spiritually align with. However, with twin flames, it is a whole different ball-game.

They actually share a history which stretches several lives. Reincarnation begins and ends at the divine origin.

All souls actually originated from their cosmic origins and propagated towards different worlds to gather new experiences.

This is actually the inevitable cycle of life. Everyone leaves their homes in pursuit of something new. They wander, as well as stumble across new happenings and beginnings, but nostalgia hovers over their head like the persistent yellow sun.

They also know that after all, their spiritual, as well as mental adventures, they must return to their source. Reincarnation and twin flames are intricately related.

The divine source is the creator of all twin flames. This origin is also the reason why twin flames exist in the first place.

Before twin souls launched themselves into the material world, they have been free of impurities. They did not hoard in them the hunger for wealth, as well as power.

Insecurities, self-hatred, as well as fear,  were non-existent in them. Their souls were not tainted with the cynicism of this world.

Twin souls actually reincarnate to grow and regain their glorious divine state spiritually. That is the sole aim of their reincarnation.

They seek rebirth in order to foster their education. They also feel an innate need to escape from the mental constraints of this elite-dominated matrix and to grasp the powers of divinity.

In each rebirth, they spiritually ascend, as well as take one step closer towards the divine source. When twin flames meet in this world, they undergo some essential complications.

Twin flames lack the spiritual understanding to sustain their union. This actually gives rise to the chaser-runner dynamic that holds the capability to imperil their relationship.

But, a resolution of the problems they face can actually result in the completion of their spiritual education, as well as bring an end to the reincarnation process.

They are no longer going to need to reincarnate as they have already reached a state of divine enlightenment.

So, it is true that twin flame union can become the final stage of incarnation if they succeed in maintaining their union. If both of the parties can educate, as well as help each other to reach spiritual enlightenment, they can also bring an end to the reincarnation process.

One they will finally be one, although they reside in two different physical bodies, they can also dream themselves worthy to be accepted by the divine source.

Once when this occurs, the divine source is going to accept them with open arms and bring all of their worries to bed.

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