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It’s Halloween Season And The Veil Is Lifting: Here’s What The Shadow Can Teach Us

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

October is a special month. The Veil will open and spirits of the past will come to meet us.

But the specialty of it lies in the unravelling of our own selves that will take place – October brings our shadows to the surface and helps us confront our memories, past and unresolved issues. It might get uncomfortable.

What is the shadow?

The shadow is all the pain and embarrassment that you have suppressed inside you. You don’t want to make it a part of you but it is. Samhain is the time when shadows come out and we are forced to confront them.

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is celebrated on the first two days of November and the veil of the living and the dead is lifted in this period. Now, is the time to communicate with your shadow and integrate with it. Perhaps, it will help us transform ourselves. But we must let it flow.

So what do we do with our deepest selves?

Your shadow is a part of you

It’s there within you. You may have suppressed it into the darkness but the shadow has always been a part of you. It’s time for you to confront it. We are all uncomfortable with our shadows.

But, however uncomfortable it might be, we must acknowledge it, accept it and love it. Do you know what happens when you abandon something for long? It comes back for revenge and that would be terrible.

Shadows aren’t there to define you

You are a human being – you have so many things going on inside you. A shadow can’t define the entirety of you. There may be a terrible past, or a mistake, but should that put anyone down? No – we have to get up from bed and accept our imperfections.

We should be able to move on and rebuild whatever we can. Perhaps we have to start again from scrap. This time, let’s honor our ancestors and be guided by their light.

Your shadow is a mirror

The shadow is like a mirror and projects what you are struggling with internally. If someone has shouted on you for no reason at all, think about it this way – that person was struggling with something that they projected onto you. Shadows work in the same way – you suppress it for too long and it will find a way to come out and project it on others.

This is terrible news for long-lasting relationships. It could be a deal breaker. It’s time that you start accepting that part and keep it under control. If you had a relationship turmoil because of it, it’s time you reach out.

There’s advantage even in disadvantages

It’s time to recognize your weaknesses and then use it as a shield. Don’t hide what you are inside. Everyone is unique and sometimes, during our early days, this uniqueness can be terrible. Maybe you were isolated and ridiculed.

Self-esteem is really in the balance during these periods. But it’s time to accept who you are. Hiding your self would only attract the wrong people. Accept your flaws and use them as a shield – it makes you who you are.

Nothing good comes out of overreacting

If you are overreacting in certain situations, this may be linked to your shadow. Perhaps a situation arises which brings in deep concern, sadness, rage or confusion – and this may be because something triggers your past and makes your shadow-emotions come to the surface.

Your current situation just overburdens you with the feeling of the past. We should live in the present. A bit of digging in your shadow-self will help you unravel the reasons behind it and you can leave the baggage in the past. Once freed, we can let our positive feelings flow through and let it heal us from the trauma of the past.

The shadow helps you learn. It can help you grow. But it can only happen if you acknowledge and accept it. It’s a part of you – let’s not abandon it. 

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