Twin Flame Love: Sacred Longing Of The Soul Or Just An Obsession?

by Conscious Reminder

A lot of people cannot comprehend the contrast which exists between obsession and sacred longing, and it can sometimes cause a lot of pain, as well as uncertainty in the journey of twin flames.

Just said, sacred longing is actually the divine craving for the things meant for us – what or who the soul has the desire to be, to do or to experience. On the other hand, obsession occurs when our ego gets on the train of sacred longing – and it tries to conduct it.

In fact, sacred longing is in the center of each journey of twin flames, and each trip which the soul desires to travel in this life.

Sacred longing also comes straight from our soul, and it is quite divine. It informs us about where the soul wants to be, as well as leads us to the direction on which the divine self has the desire to go.

Additionally, sacred longing is the device for onboard navigation which is going to present us with a huge clue for the things in our best good – it is the soul which says one huge YES, as well as which makes sure that we pay close attention to things that we are supposed to have, what we are supposed to be or what we should do. It spreads brightness inside us, as well as make us to feel the inside sense of excitement or bliss.

Twin flames actually have a built-in sacred longing for their twin flames, an enduring fire which brightly burns inside of them. There is no water, negativity, doubt, as well as opinions of other people, or their own fears amount which can end it, despite how hard they try.

A lot of people are not told how they can manage sacred longing using skills and mastery, hence a lot of them either try pushing it or even hold on to it using an attachment, and none of this ways works well.

When on this point, a lot of twin flames get confused. Numerous people tell us that we should let go or leave our twin flame, and a lot of them find this quite impossible, and they usually feel like losers for not succeeding – but on one level or another, it will feel illogical. On the contrary, some people desperately try to stay with their twin flames, so they would complete a certain thing which is lost in them or fill some hole within them too.

Here, the problem is the distinction existing between obsession, which concerns our ego and sacred longing that involves our soul. Obsession can come in two variations, the first being sacred longing, plus ego or attachment, or the second being little self-yearning, the desires of the ego that usually make you let go of your twin flames.

At the time the sacred longing becomes an obsession, ego has been attached to the high vibrating relationship of twin flames – and every one of us knows how it goes. Then, our twin flame will push us from such energies. Or, we can push them too, because we are not going to know how to manage the situation and the relatedness in such vibration way.

The twin flames are actually arranged to push away when their twin flame tries to take a certain thing from them, which is usually based on control or on the ego.

The old pattern of relationships suggests that the partner of a person has the responsibility to complete that person, meet her needs, as well as give that person what she cannot give to herself. 

But, this is not the case with twin flames – they are supposed to do certain things which will be different.

They are actually here to use their divine and sovereign power, as well as their beingness of unlimited love and even divine wisdom – dependence does not exist, and there is also too much independent, but instead a sacred, as well as cheerful interdependence which is filled with divine feminine and masculine energy, as well as the Third Divine energy. 

The simple thing which can fill the hole is to become the one you are looking for, as well as to go directly to the resource instead outside of yourself – go to the God, Divine Presence or the Spirit, and not to the twin flame.

However, it may be easier to say it, but it is quite demanding to do it – there are a lot of spiritual teachings which will tell you some methods of doing that.

You are a person that has more energy and power then you think – you have more ability and potential than those forces which try to distinct you and your twin flame – all you need to do is learn how to lead your powers in the desired direction.

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