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If You Feel Lost & Discouraged On Your Twin Flame Path, Read This

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

For a lot of twin flames, the transformative and profound journey can be quite a lengthy procedure – a mystical competition which needs from us a lot than we actually think we contain in our inner self sometimes.

You are not supposed to give up until you take numerous steps and focus on various areas of your life. This means that there is a lot more for transformation, and you have the ability to do it, you have been born to do it. All you need is a map, as well as tools, and don’t give up of course. The key to success if persistence.

In this year, on this planet, a reason for a person that wished to heal, as well as pass a transformation and untie with someone does not exist. Unifying or not, that path of twin flames will be a tremendous gift. Even for people that do not plan unions in this life or for those that are not going to occur, they can do some an enormous step to ascend and help this planet in a different way.

Every one of us is in this world for a specific reason – however, those reasons are not in any way more significant than us, as well as than our human experiences in this life. Every one of us is a heavenly everlasting being that is on the planet in order to transform for the benefit of humankind and also to help our world in ascending – that is the perspective we have.

However, the job of twin flames is much bigger than this. They need to build a transformed, as well as a united field of energies which actually create some enormous waves of change, love, and even healing, which in some ways help our planet in ascending. We are aware of this as we experienced it, as well as see it.

Such transformation is, in fact, an enormous job and it can also take some moments to notice the results of 3D, as well as tempt us to stop trying or quit doing our job. This will not leave you on the divine road, or even close to some union.

Also, you will have some larger challenged or a lot more for transforming, which means that you are, in fact, a strong enough soul that would probably be a healer, alchemist, teacher, way-shower, of a transformer, and so on – or you will have another vast mission.

A person should not see itself as you he or she is a desperate case, because he or she is not even close to it.

A lot of gifts will come on your way of the journey, and depending on how far and high you go, you will receive more of them. There will be no exception if you are keeping at it.

You should not think that you are a person that is not going to ‘get it’ when you will be truly committed to your road, as well as transformation, the mission you have, and ascension or union, or when you do the required work.

Also, you can await some upgrades or miracles, if you really know what needs transformation, and if you have the required tools. Also, you can ask people to help you if you really need it, and it is going to come.

If you feel blocked or stuck, and you already perform some healing, there is probably some block which is hidden, and you cannot see it – so find it, change it and clear it.

Once transformed, the strongest ones can be the best presents. With converting them, you can also learn new things and share them with other people, so it is going to be helpful on your way. Just keep going ahead.

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