It’s Not You Who Is Tired, It’s Your Soul! This Is How To Fix It

by Conscious Reminder

Every one of us had the time in his or her life when he or she felt down or had a lack of inspiration.

Every one of us had some periods when he or she felt chronically exhausted or desperately needed a rest. However, if this continues happening, it may actually be a signal that our soul is also tired.

Even when getting the needed 8-hour-sleep during the night, when our soul is, in fact, tired, we will wake up every new day feeling drained of energy, as well as low.

When we have our soul in such condition, it often signifies that we live out of the line with the purpose we have.

The energy of our soul is going to flow within us, and when we actually lose the relation with this flow, we will have our energy weakened. It will be almost like the flame from inside within the starts to shine out.

A lot of people are actually aware of their soul being tired according to how they feel every day, but we will show you another different way of determining whether you have your soul tired.

You should rub the hands together rapidly for just a moment in order to generate an electrical charge between them. After rubbing them for 30 seconds, you should separate them slowly.

Can you feel any warmth or some powerful buzz which comes from them? You should keep on separating them even further until you will no longer be able to feel the energy that appeared between them.

When you cannot feel any energy anymore, or if they stop just before they can reach about a width of a shoulder, it can signify that you have your energy weakened and your soul also tired.

What are the ten things which will make our soul tired?

1. When we are not true to ourselves;

2. When we say yes, but we mean no;

3. When we do a specific thing that doesn’t fulfill our aims;

4. When we engage in gossip or arguments;

5. When we hang around toxic partner, friends or people in general;

6. When we have negative talks about ourselves;

7. When we hold onto our past;

8. When we are surrounding ourselves in clutter;

9. When we wait or feel a lack of something;

10. When we have self-love lack.

Everything from the above mentioned, can have an effect on the soul and make us be out of order with like and our higher aims.

When we have our soul in that phase for a more extended time period, it will manifest in the form of depression, we will be less motivated, we will lose intuition, or we can even gain some obsessive or addictive behaviors.

When our soul feels exhausted, it is quite essential to make specific changes. First, we have to discover the problem’s root. When the cause is identified, we can make some changes in order to address that cause.

Extra suggestions which will help us with fixing our tired soul.

    1. Recharging our energy with the use of crystals;
    2. Cleansing the aura;
    3. Conducting a spiritual cleansing;
    4. Meditating;
    5. Getting more creative;
    6. Doing something which feels quite good;
    7. Practicing positive, loving affirmations and self-talk;
    8. Loving ourselves.

When we have our soul tired, it will be hard to find all the energy needed to pull ourselves out of the funk and put ourselves into a position of healing. However, when we begin the process, we are going to be amazed how fast, and even easy our soul is going to regenerate. 

Our soul is, in fact, solid and powerful, and there is not a thing which it cannot handle, even when tired a bit.

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