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Synchronicities: The Way We Connect & Sync With The Universe

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Every one of us is being led. A presence that moves our souls, minds, and hearts actually exists which directs us and guides us.

Synchronicities or also known as meaningful coincidences actually open our views to some fresh insights, as well as aid us to understand better what happens everywhere around us or even understand ourselves in a completely new and different way. Synchronicity is actually intuition which is shown in the world outside of us.

They are no any accidents. Our Universe orchestrated the apparently not possible convergences of the things, events, people or conditions carefully. It is not important how big or small that coincidence will be. We will recognize it instantly, at the time when will intersect with cosmic things.

Even though other people cannot always have the ability to see or feel it, we are actually aware of that fact, and we know at what time the transcendent touched us. Our heart will smile, and our mind will open, and just like a gymnast on the Olympic Games, our soul will leap and flip joyously.   

Catching sight of our forgotten and past reality.

Synchronicities will actually allow as cast a glance into our forgotten reality. They actually speak with our unique self which is pleasant at home in the kingdom of the cosmic reality. Despite all those powerful effects which it can actually have on people, they will soon try to put it down by logic.

We would like to go back into the rational and logical just like the cosmic doors were not wide open. Our mind would like to explain and take charge of the magic, as well as unexplainable, but we should not permit that. We should live with that mystery, as well as give it a chance to pass throughout spirit, mind, and body from time to time, just like healing. They actually invite people to experience their lives through some cosmic gateway of relation and oneness.

Suggestions which will help us in increasing the flow.

We should ask for synchronicities.

This is simple but entirely true – when asking for synchronicities, we are going to experience them. Letting go of all expectations about when and how they happen, they will flow in our life surprisingly and naturally. We just have to make our intention and permit the Universe to clear that intention.

We should notice the impact.

No matter how small, significant or insignificant synchronicities may appear to be, the impacts which they have on the soul and heart really matter. When we actually notice or hold them, they are going to multiply.

We have to establish communication with our surroundings.

We need to imagine them as a way of communication with our Universe. We can’t notice when some divine creature is present and answers or responds to our requests and needs all the time. They actually allow us to see that we have been heard and known. They also call card in the way that informs us that we have been watched from above and are flowing in the current of our soul.

We have to act on such guidance.

Synchronicity is also going to alarm us to some possibilities, as well as open our higher love and wisdom. Noticing and even taking action on them is going to strengthen the energy of our soul, and it will guide us into positive things. Although life can sometimes be challenging, synchronicity is going to refresh our memory and say to us that some unexpected and excellent fortune can actually appear in different, unexpected ways.

We should be grateful.

We need to live with the knowledge that some personally designed and wonderful surprise comes on our way. We should thank, dance, as well as kiss the cosmic flow for all those things that it actually is. The abundant, as well as the positive energy of the divine happiness and creativity will be available for us, no matter where we are or what we do.

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