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7 Things That Only People With A Big Heart But A “Dark” Soul Understand

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by Conscious Reminder

There are several things which are going to occur in everybody’s life, and those things are going to change that people from the core.

Usually, people may have hard times to recognize themselves when they look in a mirror and compare themselves to the person they were in the past.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to keep faith in others surrounding you, but it does not have to imply that that person lost the enormous heart with which he was blessed, or even cursed, which depends on the person itself.

This is a list of seven things which everyone that has a big heart, but a dark soul can understand. They may provide you with a better perspective about you or some other people in your life.

1. Caring about other people more than you do about yourself.

You don’t need mental effort to start with. In fact, you have generosity inside you and sometimes, even though you were disappointed repeatedly by other people, you continued with your generosity and caring. You consider watching your loved ones happy the most profound pleasure.

2. Protecting your family, friends and other important people.

As you already know how it feels when you are disappointed and sad, you are never going to want your friends, family or other important people to experience something similar. You are an incredibly protective person.

3. People usually mistake the kindness you have for the weakness in you.

These may be the worst people you ever meet. The thing of someone being generous, as well as agreeable, is usually hard for those people to understand, as they cannot be identical, never.

There is a way of tackling such people: be Attila, the Hun to their Rome; you should destroy their ego and destroy them, especially in public and show them as an example so that people like them will be away from you and from your position.

4. Emphasizing with some specific types of individuals while being able to laugh at some others.

Have you ever walked, for example, at home and you saw some homeless individuals on the street, and you felt guilty or choked up about that? Have you ever canceled some plans for eating out as you saw an individual begging on the street for food? Have you ever listened with a poker face to the friend that cries when his allowance has been decreased from $500 to less for one week? You have also probably laughed a lot when you read some dramatic and funny meltdowns of some girl about the light ruining her photo. Then, you will know what we are talking about.

5. Being self-critical.

Usually, prior to going to bed, your heart will tell you that you are actually disappointed in that person you became thanks to those bad friends or other people in your life. You will be self-critical and reflective, and you would like to return to your childhood and be the person you were then, but you actually know that it is late about that. Or, it may not be – who knows?

6. Assuming that others are decent until taking everything that is possible in order to prove the other way.

Actually, when it comes to being disappointed you can be a real pro, but, you cannot learn anything, do you? Probably, you will never learn.

At least, you should not put the blame on you for the faults of other people. Never believe that you deserve that.

7. Lastly, you continue forgiving people that were complete fleabags towards you, with the hope that they changed or they will in future.

Forgiving is good, and that’s why Jesus Christ is proud of you.

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