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5 Ways To Spot A Real Narcissist

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by Conscious Reminder

Sometimes, we cannot always notice the real personality of another individual until we get more in-depth. Sometimes, they can be our close friends, or a girlfriend or boyfriend. However, we have finally realized that they are what they have always been: narcissists.

Do you have someone in life that did or said something terrible to you? Or, have they sometimes done such complicated stories, so you actually knew they were completely lies, but only in their head, they were the truth? If yes, you are absolutely coping with a narcissistic person.

Narcissism is actually the chasing of satisfaction from egoistic appreciation or vanity of the attributes of a person.

These people are the Lord Manipulator, and they cannot find the difference that exists between reality and fantasy.

These are the five ways which will help you in spotting a narcissist:

1. Narcissists love talking about themselves only.

When you lead a conversation with a narcissist, it will always center around him or her. You will never have the ability to say something, and when you do, and it does not agree with him or her, the comments you give will probably be corrected, ignored or dismissed.

2. Narcissists don’t know about limits.

These people will entirely disregard the feelings, thoughts, physicality or possessions of others. They also overstep and utilize other people without taking consideration or being sensitive about it. They ask for money and items which later they will never return. Also, they are well-known for breaking the promises they made, as well as obligations they have, and they don’t show any remorse or blame for being disrespectful.

3. Narcissists believe that they deserve everything.

These peoples expect others to fulfill the needs or demands that they have, without doing something in return. They are selfish creatures.

4. Narcissists are master charmers.

A person that is a narcissist wants to do someone to feel wanted or special, but only for their own purpose. They are not doing that as they are interested in you, but they do it to ensure that when they will have trapped you, and they show their real personality, you will not have the ability to leave their side.

5. Narcissists always blame others for the failures they make.

It will always be your fault, even though people know that it is not. Other people do not have the responsibility if the narcissists failed at school, lose his job, his relationship was finished or anything similar. It is his own fault, and he is the only reason his life is a mess.

Whatever a narcissistic person says, it is not true. They built their whole life on lies, as well as frauds. No matter if it is a small lie, it is yet a lie.

So, when you ultimately discover how to stop them embitter your life, they will do everything to make themselves victims. But, remember that they are, in fact, not a victim, as they were the reason for you being hurt, betrayed and cheated.

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