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Excessive Suffering Is A Silent Killer

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Be conscientious, self-critical; appreciate personal relationships; be prepared to sacrifice yourself; work hard and work well! Hide your frustrations and suppress the anger.

Show only the bright side of you character and blame yourself for everything. Obediently deal with the humiliation or aggression of others.

This concoction of feelings is the perfect recipe, but not for a thriving life! It’s the perfect recipe for a serious, and sometimes, unfortunately, a fatal illness.

What you just read is a psychological profile of an oncology patient.

Of course, anyone can get sick, but the chances for a person who demonstrates such a behavior to get sick are much bigger. He/she just cries and bites the lips in despair bitterly swallowing the injustice they’ve been served.

On top of it, they blame everything on themselves – “If they’re offending me, then there must be is a reason for it!”

What a wonderful man! Perfect for the society and system! Everyone will remember of him fondly and with love!

It is not healthy to block your own feelings for the benefit of others. You need to take care of yourself and your mental comfort.

There are ‘flocks’ of excellent killer cells that don’t know of conscience and doubt. They attack everything bad, all weird; and excessive suffering and meekness destroy our protectors.

They get fewer and fewer in numbers. And in case something happens, no one will be able to protect us from illness. Moderate humility is good, but excessive suffering kills.

You need to neutralize all toxic influences coming your way. You need to protect yourself and respond to the attacks accordingly.

Otherwise you will be remembered as the meek people pleaser, an emotional ‘doormat’, when in fact all you want is to get better; be healthy and cheerful and enjoy you loved ones’ company with great pleasure and joy.

And what will the people who deliberately caused me pain say, I personally don’t care at all. I can take everything as long as they don’t say:”He was a loving, moderate and such a damn good people-pleasing person.”

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