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Let The Magic Of The Planets Help You Manifest Your Desires

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The planetary magic is actually a dominant constituent of other magic powers. When we work with the major planets in the solar system, we can say that it is outside and strong energy.

Every one of us has a particular essence of itself, and at the time we learn or connect with one another, we will know a lot more about ourselves, on an even bigger universal level.

Actually, the seven dominant planets which people often want to connect to are the Moon, the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, as well as Saturn. It is easy to have in mind that each of them is associated with a specific day.

For example, Monday is connected with the instinctive Moon, then Tuesday is associated with the fiery planet Mars, then Wednesday is with the communicative planet Mercury, Jupiter is the lucky planet of Thursday, Friday associated with the loving planet Venus, Saturday with Saturn and the last one, Sunday with our bright and lovely Sun. 

Those that work with magic actually do that in harmony with all the Moon’s phases, and they also know the lunar energies and powers intimately, as a result of their cycles and working; however, it is always important to incorporate the rest of the planets for some additional magical powers and energies.

For example, working with colors, crystals, botanicals, as well as the symbolism of all the planets can actually heighten their spell powers and assist them with their spiritual practices.

People worked with the energies of our Sun in some magic and spells, in order to clear and banish some negativity, and heal father connected problems.

Our Moon is one magical thing to also work with, in order to enhance our mental capacities, as well as our healing in general. The planet Mars is an excellent planet for establishing communications, or if we need some powerful energy boost because it is mighty and fiery too.

You should connect with each of the planets, and you will know them better if you simply integrate some planetary magic work into everyday rituals. You will start flowing smoothly, as well as connect and merge with the energies of the planets when you are going to write to which day the planets relate to.

Also, each of them has a particular crystal, color, scent or symbolism, so when you prepare those rituals with the needed ingredients before the ritual, you are going to be ready to.

You should pick three of the elements for each of the planets and days, such as herb or scent, candle in color, or some planetary symbol or a glyph. Search the glyphs for the planets on Google, then print them and then cut them or you can even draw each of them.

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