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The Powerful Moonlight Can Help You Manifest What You’ve Always Dreamed Of

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The moonlight is actually a combination of the masculine energies of our Sun with the feminine energies of our Moon, in order to create completely different and new things.

The energies of the Sun are about keeping going forward, taking some action, as well as reaching our wishes and desires. The energies of the Moon are here to encourage us to relax, sit back, as well as trust our Universe which will take some charge.

So, when the two different energies join together, moonlight occurs as a result of that joining.  The moonlight is an astonishing spiritual vitamin which pushes us to get out of our zone of comfort, break our routines, as well as see all the things from an entirely new perspective.

Hence, moonlight also provides us with encouragement and motivation for making changes. It encourages us to end some negative and old cycles and then start new ones, which will be positive.

The moonlight is also the one that puts the courage in us, so we could break undesired and not healthy relationships, as well as oppose to individuals that are bullying us, stop smoking, or start doing exercises.

No matter if it was consciously or non-consciously, a lot of the transitions in our lives were put into some movement by the moonlight’s energies and powers.

Saying that, when we do not use the energy of the moonlight consciously, some destructive transitions and changes may occur, which is the thing that a lot of individuals experience after and at the time of the Full Moon.

Just like we sometimes have to take vitamins every day for some time, we also have to take moonlight doses on a daily basis too, in order use its benefits. Exposing ourselves to the moonlight only at the time of the Full Moon, we will be hit by some overwhelming quantity of it, and it is going to result in adverse effects from the Full Moon, which every one of us well knows.

In order to start working with the moonlight so we can manifest our wishes and desires, we can utilize daily moon bathing, as it is interesting and funny too. Follow these steps:

During a New Moon period, we should create our list of wishes and desires.

During this period, our planet is provided only with a small amount of the moonlight, which will be an excellent time for setting some new aims. It will be quite important to have those aims ambitious, as well as achievable during that cycle of the Moon.

Exposing ourselves to the moonlight during the daytime.

About ten minutes a day, at the time of the Waxing Crescent and First Quarter, we should expose ourselves to moonlight. Living in some country in which we cannot easily access the Moon, we should meditate for a short time, visualizing ourselves as we are receiving the energy of the Moon.  Moon bathing during the day is going to give us the needed amount of energies so we can take the necessary action and get our desires and wishes manifested.

During the Full Moon period, we should review our wished and desires.

The Full Moon period will be an excellent time for reviewing our achievements. We should be thankful for everything that we have achieved, as well as rework those which we were not so successful at, and even release those that do not matter anymore.

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