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How To Figure Out If Your Kundalini Is Awakened

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by Conscious Reminder

When on the spiritual journey, it is quite significant for a person to understand how he or she can know that their Kundalini awakened.

This type of awakening is actually the first important step in the process of becoming an active spiritual individual.

With the Kundalini awakening, the person brings all those possible spiritual energies which are created in the base of his spine and then sends them up to the other parts of his subtle body, in that way activating the chakras, as well as leading it in a completely new phase of spiritual life. 

How can a person understand when all this occurred?

Symptoms of the awakening of Kundalini.

Actually, there are different and a lot of symptoms which will help people in understanding whether they experienced this awakening. Well, the reason for the huge number is as when awakened, the Kundalini affects the whole body and the different energetic centers in it.

All that energies over activate the person’s chakras. As the chakras have to be activated, they should not be overactive as that is going to cause some symptoms which the person will connect with the awakening.

However, more than often, we do not experience any symptoms of the awakening, but symptoms of overactive energetic centers of a chakra.

These are some negative symptoms:

  • Nausea;
  • Headaches;
  • Hyperactivity;
  • Racing heart;
  • Blurred vision;
  • Problems with the thyroid;
  • A sore throat and laryngitis.

Also, there are positive ones.

The advantages of Kundalini awakening.

When the awakening happens, the person is going to experience an entirely new perspective of this world. Also, this can be literal.

During awakened Kundalini, many individuals reported some intensified senses, with some increase in the sense of taste, smell, and sight too. All those senses are usually intensified at this period.

The thing that happens is that the energies of the awakening flow rapidly, as well as at elevated frequencies, making people better attuned to their body. The process of awakening is frequently connected with the feelings of oneness, kindness, and love.

The most important symptom which will make a person understand that he experienced Kundalini awakening is the feeling of better spirituality. It means that that person is going to have a more profound sense of spiritual realms, those which are on the surface of the physical senses.

You will start feeling different energies around yourself in greater details. The entire world will become a spirituality place for you. Also, the spiritual journey is going to become paramount. You will also step ahead, being closer to ascension to greater levels of awareness.

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