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Spiritual Symbols & Their Metaphysical Meanings

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by Conscious Reminder

Humanity is responsible for the discovery of huge varieties of metaphysical symbols. However, from where do they come and what they mean?

Here, we will present you some metaphysical symbols and their meanings which are going to serve you a lot on your enlightenment journey.

Ankh: Feminine Energy 

This symbol is probably the most popular one of the symbols from Ancient Egypt, and it is a representation of eternal life which is realized through the form of a female.

This symbol is most commonly utilized for protection, and it can be seen in some rituals with water healing.

Bagua: Balance At Home

The origins of this symbol are from the Feng Shui’s eastern art, and it is a symbol of balance in different aspects of family life.

When you maintain your home stable, it will lead to some stability in your life too. So, the presence of this symbol strengthens the idea of security.

Eyes of Buddha: Open Brow Chakra

This symbol will teach you of seeing this world through those ideals of divine femininity, which means seeing it with compassion and kindness.

It is a symbol which holds metaphysical powers which can help, as well as the process of Universal awakenings, and the opening of the third eye.

Dharma Wheel: The Eight-Fold Path

This Eight-Fold Path is actually the basis of the tradition of Buddhism which actually describes the basic tents which are leading people to their enlightenment.

Also, the Dharma Wheel symbol will remind you of such teaching, as well as the significance of your journey.

Flower of Life: Universal Sacred Geometry 

The flower of life symbol is a representation of the interconnected, interlocking field of creations. Every single life comes from one same thing, as the sacred geometry of this symbol indicates.

It is most commonly utilized in meditating on oneness and consciousness, in order to accelerate understanding and enlightenment.

Hexagram: The Duality Of Things

This is also recognized as the Star of David in the faith of the Jews, and it appears worldwide in a lot of different traditions.

It symbolizes that duality between humanity and nature, or the double nature of one soul. This symbol is present at times of healing of the heart chakra because of its connections with the bringing of metaphysical and physical.

Lotus: Rebirth

This is a kind of water-lily which rises from muddy places in dirty waters. Although in mud, this flower always emerges beautiful, clean and pristine.

In different cultures, this flower was a symbol of rebirth. Such symbolism reminds people to forgive, overcome emotional pains which stop them and be humble and not angry.

Om: The First Sound Of Creation

This one belongs to the group of the oldest symbols, and it is a representation of the sound of creations.

The Om or also Amu is often utilized during meditation, as well as some rituals in order to help in manifesting right intentions and bringing enlightenment.

Using the Om symbol appeared to be prevalent in a lot of societies around the world, showing its university.

Pentagram: Balance According To The Celts 

Celts possessed a lot of different symbols, but this one lasted the most. In today’s famous culture, the meaning of this symbol changed, but its metaphysical one is still unchanged. 

It is the representation of balance within these points: water, air, fire, earth, as well as life.

It is usually used to help in the protection of rituals and cleansing the elements in the space for meditation.

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