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Who Were You In Your Past Life According To Your Memories?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

A lot of people worldwide believe in living past lives and that we are going to continue living a lot of them in the future.

Reincarnation is actually the belief which says that after a person dies, his or her spirit or the soul starts living another life in another body.

Our Universe is continuously in the cycles of rebirth and death, with a lot of them who will have numerous lives or had countless past lives too.

This is the basic understanding, but a lot of religions, groups, as well as philosophies, believe in some variations of the process of reincarnation besides the usual understanding.

Actually, there are some variations of this idea. According to some beliefs, human beings have the ability to reincarnate as some animal, and according to others, we are going to stop with the process of reincarnation when we finally learn a significant lesson. Others think that the process of rebirth does not have an end.

Some even claim that they can actually know, or even sense or feel their identities from their past lives in the lives they live presently.

They claim of having some memories of certain events, places or people that are connected with the person they were before.

For example, in the countries of the West, the practitioners utilize some techniques for regression of past lives like hypnosis, as well as subtle suggestions in order to promote memories of the past lives in patients.

Actually, they ask them several questions which are created to bring out some memories connected to the identity of the person he had in his past life, as well as his historical settings too.

Also, some others specialists actually use the so-called ‘bridging techniques’ from the life problems that the person has right now, in order to evoke some memories from his past life into his conscious awareness.

In order to figure out who you actually were in the past life you lived, you can also use some small features and quirks which are available in today’s world.

So, based on some memories you experienced and which were connected with your previous life, who were you then? Were you some pirate maybe, or a famous inventor, or warrior or a queen perhaps?

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