13 Angel Colors & How You Can Use Them To Summon Your Guardian Angels

by Conscious Reminder

The colors of angels are fundamentally specific ones of energy and light which people can use in order to invoke the angelic presence.

Each of the colors holds some energy within, or carries some vibration too, and working with the help of the angels which people would want to receive.

Here, we will present you these angelic colors and the qualities that correspond to them. Each of them is vibrationally connected with the particular area of focus, and it is in those areas in which angels can help people.


The white color signifies unity, purity, sincerity, honesty, peace, healing, as well as completion. The white lights, as well as the angels of it,  will protect, and even purify the body, mind, and spirit of a person. This color is usually considered as absence of any color. There is a straight path to the angels or a connection to the divine within this emptiness.


This color signifies abundance, enlightenment, knowledge, certainty, charm, as well as charisma. It is helpful in tapping in some old understanding of the soul, as well as the angels that will help the person gain some access.


The silver color signifies blessings, Divine Feminine, and intuition. It also offers kind neutrality that will open every door for the person to travel within, to think about the profound meaning of the life, as well as think of what was and what all that actually is.


The black is the color of mystery, protection, change, and discovery. It represents death and reincarnation process, as well as the limitless possibilities for specific positive changes held within.

Brown/ Tan

The brown color signifies neutralism, groundedness, connection to our planet, structure, as well as stability.


This is the color of vitality, power, and strength. It also represents survival, passion, sexual power, as well as movement. It is related to the fire element and in that way stimulates fast activities, changes, or expansion.


The orange color is the one of happiness, attraction, and creativity. Also, it stimulated encouragement, vitality, as well as adaptability whereas encouraging connection, vitality, and optimism.


The yellow color represents spirituality, joy, and cheerfulness. It also evokes some optimism or stimulates our intellect. It is in a close connection with the spiritual energy and is going to help people align with the complete extent of their wisdom from inside.


This is the color of growth, fertility, finance, and luck. Green helps people in taking rest, relaxing, as well as restoring their energy. When working with this color, it will evoke the strengths of their wellbeing, or endless love too.


The color blue represents harmony, health, patience, as well as tranquility. This color helps people to tell and know that simple truth, to communicate, as well as understand or express their will.


This color provides clear visions within the outside or inside realms. Also, it signifies intuition, insight, as well as an understanding of the spiritual and astral realms.


This is the color of inspired ambitions, ethical judgments, and spiritual needs too. The vibration of this color is imaginative, dreamy and even inspiring. This color helps people to concentrate, transmute their negativity, make some progress, and even align with some highly magical, vibrational angels and guides.


The color of compassion, love, as well as nurturing is pink, and it carries the vibrations of innocence, mother love, and honor. Also, it can help people to see their lives through some rose-colored lenses – the angels’ perspective, which means unconditional and beautiful love.

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