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17 Signs That Truly Make You An Introvert

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by Conscious Reminder

Even though introverts are not that infrequent breed, a lot of people can have some troubles when it comes to spotting those signs which indicate that a person is an introvert.

The reason for this is as not all of them are anti-societal hermits who avoid others at all possible costs. Simply, they get their energies from themselves only, while extroverts energize themselves from the environment, as well as others.

These are the twelve signs which will help you in recognizing introverts:

1. Spending some time in solitude deliberately.

Deliberately spending some time in solitude is a rare case for extroverts. However, introverts have the need of setting some time aside only for their own self, in order to recharge.

2. Despite their age, they usually seem wise.

This often comes from their tendency to study everything that surrounds them carefully, permitting them to understand, as well as see things which a lot of extroverts will miss, and that is what makes them wiser than others.

3. Having just a small number of close friends.

Even though they can know a lot of people, just like extroverts, they will not consider those people their friends. Actually, they are simply going to keep two or three people considering them their friends, while others will only be acquaintances.

4. Excellent listeners.

Usually, extroverts need more time to process some things, meaning they spend most of the time talking instead of listening to some conversations. As introverts don’t feel the need of talking about things, they have the ability to listen only, without speaking.

5. Spending most of their time daydreaming.

Introverts believe that the world which is inside their heads is as interesting and exciting as the world which surrounds them; that’s why, it is not a surprise to find them lost and sunken in their own thoughts, just relaxing and enjoying in the world which they have created in their heads.

6. Focusing is their greatest ability.

When they are interested in something, they will completely focus on it for a long time, even hours, being distracted by everything, which includes meal time too.

7. Going to parties on which their friends go too.

The small number of close friends is what they really need in such times, and unlike the extroverts who often go to parties in order to meet someone new, they want to spend some time with those that are already close to them.

8. They may look intense.

Small talks are meaningless for them; instead, they would like to hear someone’s story about life or opinion about a political situation from recently, and not talking about climate or weather. Jumping into profound conversations will make them intense.

9. Avoiding conversations on the phone.

These people don’t really like to talk on their phones, and some of them will even become angry or anxious when it comes to answering it. Because of that, they will sometimes not answer it on purpose.

10. They have the necessity of writing down the feelings they have.

Although extroverts often talk about their emotions and feelings openly, introverts will have difficulties when it comes to expressing those feelings verbally, so they tend to write them down, in order to see what they feel, as well as why are they doing so.

11. Rarely speaking in class or meeting.

Even though a lot of them can be excellent at speaking when facing huge crowds when in interactive situations like meeting at their workplace or discussion in class, they will hardly speak or involve themselves. 

12. Crashing after some social events.

While extroverts will ride the waves full of energy, the one gained from some social events, extroverts get burned out very quickly, although it was probably some low-key party simply because of social interaction, so they will have to spend some time in solitude and recharge.

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