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5 Bizarre Ways To Unlock The Doorway To The Unknown Realm Of Your Mind

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by Conscious Reminder

Among the different scientific areas and circles, the mind was always the central point of debates. Some thinkers like Plato always spoke about some realm in people’s minds which was not entirely known.

Coleridge, Leibniz, and Hegel made some extraordinary upturns in the studies of unconsciousness. Later, with some professional doctors, those studies became medical and scientific.

These days, the assumptions of psychoanalysis, as well as interpretation of dreams come from those theories. Those unknown realms are the base of dreams, as well as imagination and creativity. As the nature of our dreams is inexplicable, the major religions in the world attributed some specific prophetic status to them. Also, with the advancement of science, the symbolism of dreams is interpretable.

However, what we will discuss in this article are the five ways which are frequently utilized to bring to light the unconscious.

Here are the five ways in which we can unlock the door to the unfamiliar realms of the mind. They are the following:

1. Ritual

Our unconscious was always the one with occult connections. Some specific ritualistic events and ceremonies frequently caused an unexpected triggering of some of our withdrawn thoughts in our unconscious. Rituals can help in revealing some visions which are the answers which we already know, but we were not able to understand.

2. Incubation chamber

Those sacs that some astronauts in the Interstellar of Nolan used to sleep there for a long time were the chamber named an incubation chamber. According to its name, it imitates the womb of a human for the individual that gets in. As a result of that, the person losses its self-consciousness, just like the fetus; the person does not have conscious, or rational thoughts. He or she will experience a state of continually dreaming, and their unconscious will roam free as well.

3. Dreaming

The drug-induced dreaming or sleep is a thing in which a lot of popular individuals indulged in. For example, Samuel Taylor Coleridge has written his Kubla Khan or a Vision in a Dream: A Fragment in the throes of opiates. This is invisible, however. But, the normal and natural dreaming has this same aim.

Dreams are considered the most evident and pure manifestation of suppressed desires and wish which a person harbors in his or her unconscious. Furthermore, a person can be greatly inspired by his or her dreams when they will succeed in remembering them after waking up.

4. Meditation and yoga

Everything that will rid us of our consciousness is actually beneficial for discovering the unconscious. But, when our consciousness is, in fact, dimmed, our unconscious is never going to come out, the same as not being able to see stars during the sunny day. Kundalini yoga, as well as meditation, is helpful for the person to focus on his or her most obscure, darkest mental realm. Often, this is the thing that makes us be in a state of trance as a consequence, enabling everything inside to come to the outside.

5. Hypnotherapy

This is the most dangerous and scientific one. Hypnosis was developed by Anton Mesmer, the one from where the word ‘mesmerize’ comes, and it is a potent tool of trance-inducing, utilized in psychotherapy worldwide. Novices should not try it, because reversing it can be very tricky and complicated.

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