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How To Make You Supernatural Perception Stronger

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Every person has the so-called psychic or paranormal abilities; however, in a lot of them, they are weaker, and because of that they cannot be detected or have particular benefits for those people.

However, some devices which can expand them in effective ways exist. These ways are called psychological leverage, which is similar to some real levers which increase our physical strengths.

Most of these levers are from ancient times, but there are also new ones. Each of them is related to our subconscious, in which the paranormal abilities are situated.

A lot of people cannot demonstrate them as of some mental obstacles and interventions which block their mental capacities before reaching the level of consciousness in their brain.

The psychological levers will influence their subconscious, as well as form some signals which will contact the consciousness directly, without making transformations.

People that claim not having such abilities, or have them, but are weak, can increase them with the use of psychological levers, in order to experience extrasensory perceptions.

On the other hand, people with excellently developed psychic abilities have the ability to enhance them and improve the accuracy they have further on for a few times.

Most of those levers are working as a result of the so-called Ideo-Motor Response or IMR, which is an unconscious reaction of the body which is caused by some mental experiences.

Actually, they are little changes in muscles’ tension, brought out in some micro-movement that is caused by the subliminal stimuli. Some other such levers can have sensory feedbacks and dramatic effects too, such as generator noise, crystal ball, and so on.

Random fields

A lot of important levers are actually ‘random fields.’ Using them, a person can see some bright and pure images right from their subconscious. Also, they can be built easily, and they have a strong effect.

Such devices work similarly to black mirrors or crystal balls which psychics utilize. The principle of working in both of them is the same, and it is the so-called ‘Retnal’ feedback. So, in normal visions, the eyes are focused on the images of the retina that transmit some information on the optic nerve and to the visual cortex.

Such subconscious images are transmitted by some different means. This occurs almost always, but it has a very weak effect. Such images can also be viewed, but only when looking on the surface which is empty enough, as well as impersonal, in order to reduce those effects from normal visions.

Sound random fields

In history, a lot of oracles utilized sounds which were created by the pendulum, as well as the soft rustling of the leaves too, in order to establish a communication with their spirits.

On the other hand, there are those that listen carefully to those sounds of the sacred waterfalls. In fact, it looks like they are using ‘White Noise. This is actually a random field which is generated by a lot of frequencies.

Practicing the white noise, or learning theoretical about it can actually help us hear those voices of the subconscious, or even the spirits or some other divine beings, as it is associated with our psychic points and centers directly.

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