Twin Flame Number 444 – Resolving Bad Karma


by Conscious Reminder

When embarking on the twin flame journeys, and continuing throughout them, the numbers significant to twin flames will appear.

With the use of numerology and expertise, people will be able to see the different patterns in such numbers.

444 is a number of twin flames which is about the sticking on the right path, as well as overcoming some odds and traveling towards the process of ascension with twin flames.

444 means being on the correct path.

This number of twin flames means that someone is on the correct path. It means that that person is on its twin flame journey, as well as that he goes on the correct direction, practicing correctly, as well as meditating or reading the correct materials.

At such times of doubts, this number appears in order to make that person know that he is not supposed to doubt his journey or the decision about being on it.

Doubting in oneself may cause a lot of problems. The person will start losing his trust in himself and his intuition, also losing trust in his capacities of making the correct decisions or choosing the correct path. However, humans have good intuition when it comes to going in the right way.

They are often masters on this subject, which helps them and enables them to live their life as they want to. Even though when they don’t have the needed information on hand, or are not able to consider all the details.

A person should always have faith in his guts or instincts, or otherwise, he is going to find himself frozen in just one single spot all the time.

The number 444 will remind that person that his twin flame journey is his right path, and assure him that he is on it.

444 also signals the overcome some odds.

This number is also a signal of turning something inside out.

We all love an underdog. For a lot of people, a rare satisfaction is when they get something without being earned or without struggling for it. The struggles are those that forge their path.

Maybe you experienced some hard time with the twin flame partner. Some obstacles which can dishearten people are tension, arguments, and distinct ideas.

All this is a preparation for change. However, what people should do in order to see changes is to overcome some challenges. So, the number will remind them that they have to work in order to overcome those challenges appearing on their way.

They should also make sure that they do the healing processes and meditation which all of the twin flames are supposed to do.

The ascension of twin flames.

In the end, the number shows people the glance of the purpose of their twin flame journey. With it, they always have to strive for some ascension of twin flames.

In fact, that is the last purpose of such journey, in that way moving the two twin flames to the new dimension of consciousness, as well as elevating not just them but the whole humanity.

Actually, ascension, particularly one of twin flames, is a noble deed.

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