Before You Give Your Heart To Someone New, Read This.

by Conscious Reminder

Never settle for anything less than what you deserve. You’ve gone a long way to be where you are now. You been through so much pain that you have no more tears to cry. 

Never let anyone take the best of you – give no one power over your weaknesses.

Understand the depth of your heart and accept your disadvantages to see the beauty behind your scars.

Never let anyone get you without a fight. Build the walls around you from the remains of your broken heart, as they are as big as your new-found love for yourself. Do not let anyone destroy these walls until they decide to stay forever.

Do not let anyone in your heart unless their heart is as ready as yours.

Never give up on your dreams for someone who remembers of you only after midnight, when he is bored or feeling lonely. You do not deserve such ‘love’.

Never waste time on those who don’t have time for you because they only needed you when they want to fill the void in their heart.

Never beg for anyone’s attention because you deserve more. Do not cry for someone who does not even notice the change when you smile.

Never lose energy to unstable relationships with unexpected “hellos” and unfinished “good-byes”.

Never doubt your ability to love, because you know how desperate it is to crave for love, because they broke your heart.

Never doubt yourself because you are good enough to love and be loved. Do not believe in lies because they cost you a lot before.

Never hurry and don’t agree to “almost a relationship”. Do not underestimate yourself and your ability to love because you are the only one responsible for your happiness.

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