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7 Differences Between Real Non-Toxic Friends & Fake Toxic Ones

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True friends are hard to find. Finding one is like searching for a needle in the middle of a crowd.

When you find a friend it’s like finding your other self who loves you, cares for you, and accepts you for everything that you are even when you have difficulty accepting yourself.

But not everybody whom you call friends is real. Some of them are toxic and may even be manipulative into making you believe they have your best intentions.

To know if your friends are the real ones, here are the 7 differences that filter the fake ones:

7 Differences Between Real Non-Toxic Friends and Fake Toxic Ones

1. Real Friends Don’t Judge Your Feelings

Whatever your feelings are, whether you are in a bad mood or in high spirits, your friend shares them with you.

They won’t judge your emotional outbursts and instead, embrace you in your most vulnerable moments.

They hate to see you getting hurt or failing in your undertakings. Alternatively, they will raise you up when you are feeling down.

2. Real Friends Do Not Let Arguments Damage Their Respect for You

Sporadic fighting or arguments are inevitable in friendships. And this is the real score whether your friend is toxic or not.

A real friend will still respect you despite those occasional disagreements. It is not enough reason for them to change the way they look at you.

Instead, they will accept you and may even be straightforward in pointing out your mistakes; in a way that you still feel respected.

And they never ever call you names nor abuse you in any way possible that is harmful to you.

You both make your friendship tick by agreeing to disagree over certain things. Being at the opposing ends of the spectrum makes the friendship colorful.

Real friends will even make you win in a discussion if it matters that much to you. Taking things personally is not their thing.

3. Real Friends Call You Because They Miss You

Real friends see to it that they’re connected with you regularly. They will call you or text you or use any means of communication just to feel your presence.

They will be more than happy to be in a group chat with you and share memes every time they find something funny and interesting.

Whenever they have big news, you’re the first one to know.

They’re not the type of people who will contact you because they want something from you or have any hidden agenda.

They just miss you and want to hang out with you for the sake of hanging out with you.

4. Real Friends Accept You for Whoever You Choose to Be

Even if your sense of style is the most backward there is in the world, real friends have your back. They won’t judge nor embarrass you.

In fact, they may even admire you for being your authentic self. But if you need help in such area, they are willing to extend a hand to give you the help you need.

They are the people who accept you for everything that you are, without judgment, without prejudice.

5. Real Friends Honor Your Privacy

They see you as an individual who has your own life and commitments.

Even if they sense something is up in your life, they won’t manipulate you just to open up to them. They are patient enough to wait for the time when you are ready to open up.

They’re also not demanding so much of your time and even give you space when you need it.

Real friends are more on the giving side rather than the receiving one.

6. Real Friends Celebrate Your Successes

Even if it’s as small as your hydrangeas blooming or your dog having puppies, real friends share the happiness with you.

They share your special moments like anniversaries as well as birthday. And may even throw a surprise party just for you.

Real friends are the happiest seeing that you’re happy.

They are always present in every milestone of your success even when you appear to be more successful than they are.

7. Real Friends Do Not Judge Your Other Friends

With understanding friends, you don’t have to worry about having explanations why you do what you do. They simply understand you.

Judging you or the people you hang out with is not on their to-do list.

If there’s something that they find unappreciative in you, or if they sense that you are on a wrong path, they say it in a constructive way. They never ever criticize you destructively.

Real friends care for you. They really do.

They don’t even think about the status of your friendship or the one you have with others, because what you have with your real friends transcends everything.

Fake and Toxic Friends Don’t Have These Qualities!

If you have these people in your life take really good care of them! Real friendships are for keeps.

But if the people you hang out with don’t possess these qualities or show the opposite characteristics, you might as well give them up.

You don’t need their toxicity and what your friendship is built upon is most likely something that only they benefit from.

It’s better to have a few real friends in your life than countless who are only thinking of themselves.

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