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4 Reasons Why Twin Flame Feels Like Obsession

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by Conscious Reminder

A lot of people are probably thinking about why the twin flame relationship feels like some kind of obsession.

A number of people develop this kind of profoundly-rooted emotional connection with their loved twin flames so they will feel suffocated when their twin flame is absent.

Also, they sometimes feel quite obsessive, so their twin flame becomes the single reason for their existence.

However, true love can never be obsessive, but it is emotionally free, it does not own, and it also fosters mutual or individual growth.

There are a few factors which can bring such obsessions.

These are the four main reasons why the relationship between twin flames is like an obsession:

1. The continuous necessity of validation.

The relationships people have with their twin flames can be initially uncontrolled, fiery, as well as unsettling sometimes or even quite overwhelming. All this can cause sensory overload.

So, our senses will become swarmed with our thoughts every second. We will not be able to pay attention and focus on some simple task, and we will have the need to be physically or emotionally intimate with our twin flames.

In fact, these are obsessive dispositions. For example, those people that are in an obsessive relationship will feel the necessity of validation all the time.

They will say ‘I love you’ all the time, and they will also expect this from the partner too.

Even though twin flames communicate with the help of telepathy, even when they are far from one another and cannot communicate verbally, they will still be sure that their love is strong. They will not need a continuous reassurance on the part of their partner.

2. Shedding some beliefs for their self-acceptance.

Those people that are obsessive can affect others in order to create their public image. Also, they will lie to one another so they will leave their feelings intact.

In fact, they will disillusion each other trying to gain some acceptance. Such behavior can be disastrous.

The real twin flames are nearly always honest about the feelings they have for each other. They also accept one another with all those imperfections and flaws.

3. A lack of realistic perspective towards their lives.

Obsessive people don’t really daydream or envision a reasonable future with those that they love.

They will merely imagine some things in order to fulfill themselves emotionally. Daydreaming will please them. In fact, they will not like to work on their future with partners.

Also, their actions will fall behind all of the promises they made. Those twins who really love steer clearly on their daydreams. Also, they are led by intuition.

These people are prepared to overcome all the difficulties which will come on the way. In fact, this is the main reason why they sometimes feel like an obsession.

4. They pay attention to some superficial details.

There are couples that develop some unhealthy and weird obsession with all the physical characteristics of their romantic partners. In fact, they tend to worship the eyes or the facial expressions and characteristics of their partner.

Those that are real lovers are not concerned about such things. Their greater care is their relationship with their partner, how are they connected. Because of this, they have unique emotional intimacies.

These are the four main reasons why the twin flame relationships sometimes feel like an obsession.

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