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This Is How You Can Overcome Twin Flame Love Obstacles & Challenges

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Before stabilizing, the relationships between twin flames have to pass some troubles.

The awkward situations of such relationships actually range from some emotional disagreements and conflicts to some runner-chaser dynamic.

How can you overcome such ordeals with some deeper mastery?

Remember that the journey of twin flames is actually more personal one than the journey on your own. In order to find some harmony, twin flames have to search for peace coming from within.

The runner-chaser dynamic.

People need to understand that their twin flames are actually not their normal soulmate relationship. In fact, they are complicated, and they also inflict a massive amount of suffering or pain on people in order to propel them towards some spiritual illuminations.

Enlightenment actually demands some spiritual and emotional fight of the most exceptional order. So, without enlightenment, a person cannot deem himself or herself worthy of some endless bliss. 

Actually, at the starting phases of such relationships between twin flames, everything is colored in pink – intense lovemaking and magical telepathy.

However, such a period does not last forever. Very soon, the mirror-souls of the person will show him his past, disabling him to manage everything that he has suppressed in himself.

Such act of fleeting will give the person rise to the runner-chaser dynamic.

Most of the relationships between twin flames need to go through this in order to come together with one another forever.

Because of this, the love challenges of twin flames bring about a large number of problems. The chaser has to give the other person some space and time for completing the process of discovering himself.

Existentialism disease will numb the senses the person has, so he will need some stimulus or also some reason to simply escape insecurity and hate.

This is the role which the twin plays in your life. After meeting your twin flame, you will learn how to get rid of every pain and hurt. You will also align with your highest consciousness that will inform you of your real purpose in life, which is spreading and accepting love. It will also help you become a fundamental part of universal source cycle.

How to deal with all the grief and suffering of estrangement?

A lot of people find it hard to manage their twin flames’ estrangement. Their subconscious is flooded with memories about them all the time. And everything that occurs actually occurs for their personal good.

So, as soon as possible, people will understand that their connection with their twin flames cannot be compared to some other relationship. It has a permanent nature.

Regardless of the number of days spent without twin flames, we will continuously wait for them returning safely. We will also realize that this is not a standard relationship, but that it is a fated union.

Even though the love challenges of twin flames can sometimes be exhausting, they will be worth all the struggling. Ultimately, our universe will reward us with permanent light and love.

Art by: Louis Dyer

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1 comment

Ausrine December 10, 2018 - 5:47 am

I’ve commented on ‘twin flames’ before on this site. All relationships involving connection and belonging have the capacity; to foster personal development, spiritual, emotional and intellectual development.
There are some relationships that are ill advised, inherently toxic and negating healthy self and other development. My concern around the ‘twin flame’ concept is the external locus of control you advocate about what is inherently and abusive, constrained and devolving relationship. Both parties come out worse off until they reach some mystic hallowed ground of personal enlightenment that will bring them ‘bliss’ and union.
This just sounds like a very dangerous way to advocate people remaining in unhealthy, unsound and unrealistic relationships. Some counselling and a clearer view of what constitutes a love centred relationship might be better advised.
Twin flames are not an excuse to overlook: abuse, dishonesty, addiction, dead ends, symbiotic fusion and co-dependency. Love & bliss doesn’t magic itself into being. It is a result of; concerted effort, self love, self awareness, capacity to encourage, commitment, mutual goals and shared values. If there is a ‘runner’ and a ‘chaser’ dynamic then it’s a toxic fit. Not a twin flame just a relationship non-happener and dud.


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