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When Life Gets Tough And Messy, Start ‘Cleaning’

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

It doesn’t really bother me when someone says “hang in there” when I’m going through a rough patch. It doesn’t provoke me to say: “Oh, it’s easy for you to say! Try walking in my shoes.” This is what i make out of this phrase, and I will tell you a story that inspired my point of view!

Namely, during the cruel WWII period in Russia, The Siege of Leningrad proved to be one of the longest, most destructive, and most lethal sieges of a major city in modern history.

Death and terror was everything that had left from the majestic city. People were starving to death, and dying of sickness. There was no help and there was little that the defenders could do. That’s how the The Road of Life was created. It was the ice road winter transport route across the frozen Lake Ladoga, which provided the only access to the besieged city of Leningrad.

They started evacuating children through the Road of Life. There was only little to no space, the journey was excruciatingly painful and difficult to survive, and the kids were dead exhausted. Many of them had already died.

The officers had the difficult task to select the kids that are strong enough to survive the journey. To endure the path. To be saved. A terrible, tragic it choice was but it had to be done in order to give chance at life at least to some. So, the doctors had to think of a way to make this dreadful choice and select the healthiest and strongest children.

They said to the kinds, “You see, the floor is dirty, take a mop and clean the floor. Show me how you do it!” Those children who still had some strength left, took mops and started cleaning… Maybe they did not have the strength but they did have the will – at times, will replaces strength.

This is a horrible story – but there was no other.

I sometimes think that life is a judging panel. The judging panel says, “Take the mop and clean the room!” And as long as we can clean it, we can force ourselves to live. It will take us on a tough, dangerous journey, but it will be a journey to salvation.

Hang in there. Hang in there as hard as you can! Fight! That’s what we say to each other at a time of difficulty, that’s the meaning of that phrase, although sometimes it seems insensible and unsuitable. But what else to say?

Show life that you are still alive and want to live. And then there will be many more chances to survive! 

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