The Unfortunate Destiny Of Meeting The Love Of Your Life At The Wrong Time

by Conscious Reminder

Most of the time, breakups are quite hard as you will have to grieve for someone that you have loved and then lost.

However, time is the healer of everything, and probably, you will meet another person. After that, your previous lover is going to be only a distant and faded memory.

However, this type of breaking up is actually not even closely the same. It is a breakup which occurred with someone that, regardless of what you did, you cannot forget and get over.

Every day, that person crosses your mind, so you also have your heart feeling heavy. That often happens when a relationship is not finished yet. However, you cannot tell that to yourself, or you cannot believe that as it is literally going to drive your crazy.

Instead, you will tell yourself that you are quite good and also that you are able to keep going. You will start fooling yourself in some way.

That will last until the time you hear some song or see some photo, willing to share a certain thing or simply when you wake up and you think about that person. Then, everything will come back at the beginning.

A lot of people will come in, as well as go out of your life. You date some of them for a short time, and you never give them a second chance, but there are the ones that you will really like, but it simply does not work.

Also, there are those that break you, and you will need a lot of time in order to get over them. However, this is entirely different; it is that feeling which you have when you actually know that something needs to come to an end at the moment, and it will not be over for any good.

You will not be able to tell that person that you wish him or her all the best, so you will keep going. You will not be able to put an end to that chapter as you are aware that you cannot quit him or her. Not still, and probably not ever. After that, you will finish thrust in the so-called love purgatory.

In fact, it is a condition in which you know who the person that you really love is, but right now you are separated.  Perhaps you dated for a short time, or you had a full-fledged relationship, or perhaps you were never officially in a relationship.

The connection which you have with that person is actually so strong, real, as well as magnetic so it continually pulls you back. Still, it has not reached its real potential, so it means that it cannot be easily over.

Actually, this can be the individual with whom you will finish. However, currently, you are separated as of schedules, timing, missed chances or something else. So, you are there in the love purgatory, biding the time until in the end, finally finding one another once again.

You are not only sitting around and listening to some sad songs and waiting. Instead, you find some distractions and then push your feelings away so you could function further in life.

Also, you meet some other beautiful and amazing people that will be helpful for you to work all things out; however, it will never happen as something is really off. She or he is not the one you want. This is how the person that keeps you in the love purgatory will make you really feel. You cannot compare him or her to others. Such connections come only once, or perhaps twice in life.

Your friends will also tell you that you are crazy, so you will even feel like that. You will ask yourself why in this world which is full of other individuals you permit that one person to hold you back constantly. And, you will not find the answer to this question.

There are some who meet a person, then dated him or her, fell in love with him or her and they lived happily forever. However, there are others who are not that fortunate. They need to fight hard, breakup, and makeup and keep going through the hell with him or her until it works out in the end.

Probably the issues are timing or aging. Perhaps they will need to learn, as well as grow better before settling down. Regardless of the problem, you will know that probably, one day you will be together.

However, until that comes, you will sit in the love purgatory with all those hopes of finding a person or even something that will keep you away for a longer time, so you will not destruct yourself.

However, some people are going to be displeased about this, so they will think that this is actually not the way in which love has to be. But, there are those who also disagree.

Every person is complicated, so love can sometimes also be messy. However, it is not the same for everyone, so it does not imply that there is something wrong. So, it will simply mean that the path was quite easier for some.

Also, for those that are in that love purgatory right now, they will be with their person one day for sure.

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