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What Is The Law Of Polarity & How To Use It

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by Conscious Reminder

Exploring the Universal Law, it will become apparent and obvious that such laws are actually present in each of the aspects of our life, coming to the surface regularly.

Recognizing, and even applying such laws, hence, is a fundamental part of comprehending the intentions we have with our Universe, so to become familiar with flowing with the wisdom it offers. 

According to the Law of Polarity, every single thing is dual; every single thing has poles and also has a pair of some opposites; same likes and dislikes; the opposites are actually identical naturally, but in fact different in degrees; however, the extremes meet.

Every one of us is some type of mixture of different energies, and each of them is present by some degree. In fact, some of them can dominate in our nature while others are going to surface just on some specific occasions.

Also, we are the center of the polarity concept. The difference between polarity and duality is that in polarity, each of the poles contains the core of the other pole which is contained in it. Also, there are some degrees and ranges of each of the aspects housed in the other, non-separable.

A spectrum or range of combinations manifested by polarity.

There is a continuous sequence of some polarities which exists in us, so the things we actually manifest are some kind of combination of those polarities in different degrees. There is not a thing which exists in only pure state, but everything mixes in order to form some vibrant, as well as unique combinations.

Metaphysical and physical aspects which are inherent in that energy which surrounds us and it is where polarity starts; also, the power which is generated by those opposites still possess the core of each of the opposites that are held in it.

Duality, which is deep-rooted in nature, actually serves for the production of energetic interactions, just like the one of electrons and positrons within anatomic structure, or in magnetic fields which displays some negative and positive polarities, or in the day’s light and night’s dark, the moon and the sun, as well as in the male, as well as female forms of the human being. In all the cases, these two aspects are entirely necessary for creating balance, as well as promoting harmony in this world. In fact, energy constantly seeks some balance.

Dichotomy, duality and identifying some connections.

From a metaphysical point, there are the Yin or moon, cold, female, dark, and submission energies, and the Yang or sun, heat, male, light and projective energies that work to balance the active one with the passive. Actually, those are the powers of God, as well as a goddess, or also the forces of subconscious and conscious.

Hence, every person contains such aspects, characteristics, and traits. Every person is a duality, as well as a dichotomy, also reflecting the powers of the Ultimate Energy Source. Each opposite bears its individual essence, allowing creation at times when in combination with antithesis.

Polarity examples:

Analytical – creative.

There is an estimate of some data analysis which takes place within each of the creative acts. It actually pulls some information together about the perspective, also combining it in some way which expresses the information’s essence. Interpreting artistic renderings of some concepts and symbols on cards, like in Tarot, is analytical. On the other side, the scientists that gather information and designs a system in order to create the sense of that information uses its creativity to create the visual, or even conceptual ways of expressing those results in general.

Physical – mental.

For example, athletes are generally physical when it comes to performing their exercises, while they also have strong mental components which are essential for achieving their best in the game. In fact, negatively talking for themselves can diminish the chances of being the winners.

Left brain – right brain.

There are people who are right-brain, or creative-oriented, while there are others who are left-brain or logical oriented, and there are those who use both these hemispheres of their brain in the same way. When the one or also the other is quite dominant, then the hemisphere that is subordinate will still be active, and it will contribute to tasks at hand, but less prominently.

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