Awakening & Spiritual Flu

by Conscious Reminder

Spiritual awakening is, in fact, an ethereal and lovely phenomenon which aligns our spiritual and material realms, in that way providing us with some remarkable sense of simplicity and clarity about the real purposes in life.

For example, when a person undergoes the process of spiritual ascension, some disillusionment state will make them realize that every single thing they have acquired from some superficial world is surplus.

Our old ideologies, beliefs, and thoughts have been imposed upon us, and their only purpose was to steer us away from our reality.

There are a lot of things in our life that our eyes can see. At the time of spiritual awakening, a person is looking for his or her higher and greater self, the one who perceives living quite differently. After passing the awakening period, a person is going to undergo a process of metamorphosis in a spiritual being, vibrating at some higher levels.

Explanation of vibrational flu.

Spiritual or also vibrational flu is actually an undetectable one which occurs when some fluctuation in the chi or the levels of life energy exist. It is a sudden fluctuation which may elevate the levels of chi, cleansing the bodies of some harmful and dangerous toxins which were accumulated in the spiritual bodies during all these years.

In fact, the primary source of such toxins is our karmic relationships, traumas on an emotional level, envy, as well as gluttony, or some other negative aspects and factors.

Such contaminants will form some kind of a blockage in the points of our chakras, in that way disrupting our spirit and body balance.

Spiritual awakening signs:

After the process of spiritual awakening, in fact, you are going to seclude from some old focus and entourage to some other significant life aspects. You are going to chase the destiny with your newly found hunger.

The remarks of other people are no longer going to affect you. Simply said, they are small obstacles in your path which leads to the destiny.

So, you will be quite conscious of the external, as well as internal environments, and you will be able to destroy some negative feelings and emotions like fear or jealousy as they start appearing.

Also, you will no longer see some meaning in careers or jobs which are only means of gratification on a personal level. You are going to feel the need to help other people, even when you are about to fail.

There is a feeling of connection between you and others, and that is through your empathy. Often, some telepathic aspects also arise, so you will be able to sense the pain through which people pass, even when they don’t say that to you.

Vibrational flu symptoms:

At a time of vibrational shifts, our bodies are attuning to some higher frequencies, and in that way it makes us feel like someone is actually drumming in our ears.

However, in the so-called vibrational flu, because our body offloads some negative energy like insecurities or fears, we can feel some strong physical pain.

This energy can ram into the lump of debris, in that way blocking the eye chakra’s flow, which is located centrally in the forehead. Moreover, this can be the reason for some intense and extreme headaches.

Also, we can feel like we are disconnected from those people who we know our whole life. The reason for this may as we are no longer vibrating at the level on which they vibrate. So, this will lead to the so-called vibrational flu.

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