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False Twin Flame Catalyst: This Person Will Lead You To Your True Twin Soul

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

In the twin flame destiny of a person, his or her fake twin flame actually plays a determining role.

Every twin flame will come across his or her counterfeit one in life, and that will bring them even closer to the true twin flame in some mysterious ways.

Meeting a fake twin flame, the person will feel some intense, as well as strong vibrational energy spiritually, and it will not be like the energy he or she will sense when they unite with their true twin flames.

However, although one of the twin flames is going to appear in their life in order to establish an everlasting relationship, in fact, the other one will surely not. A person can easily get defrauded by his or her false twin flame.

This is the reason why the person is doubtful in isolating himself or herself from the world in which they live. But, shortly after that, they will realize that their time spent with the false one is short and limited.

It does not mean that a person is going to meet his or her false twin flame prior to the unique and real one. This can occur in any different order.

False twin flames.

Even though the false twin flame is just a fraud and it stops us from finding our real one in some way, he or she does that as of some reasons.

For example, the fake twin flame can enter in someone’s life in order to help that person escape from some abusive and unwanted relationships or marriages which perturbed the person purposefully for a lot of years.

The twin flame will resolve them or also finish them forever, so the person will finally make some way for his or her destined and real twin flame to come. The person may also initiate the spiritual ascension process of the process of healing will start curing him or her.

Usually, the relationships with false twin flames can be soul-liberating or heart-wrenching. However, that will only happen as the person’s mind has probably shed some layers of his or her self-ego in order to make space for endless love.

However, one specific thing that false twin flames can do is bring people closer to their abilities and talents. Inside every one of us, there is actually a world full of still unrevealed and unsolved secrets. That world is surrounded by darkness, but our fake twin flame may actually throw some light that world, and in the end, make us realize the real extent of our abilities.

This is a discovery that is going to elevate our self-esteem, also diminish our state of aimlessness, as well as drive us towards our real purposes in life.

What happens after the false twin flame does his/her job?

When the false twin flame has finished his job, we are also going to go out of the cynicism’s shadows, begin following our intuition, as we are going to start believing some things which we never before out our faith in.

Moreover, this is going to help us sustain our relationship with our twin flame. During our lifetimes, our souls accumulate a number of negativities, such as trauma on an emotional level, some times of marked distress, restlessness, and a lot of other physical and emotional triggers. However, out false twin flame is here to cleanse all those contaminants and give us the chance to start all over again.

The time spent with false twin flames may last several days or even years. However, there is one thing for sure: the existence of fake twin flames is essential just like the existence of our real ones. They are the ones that definitely hold our future’s key.

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Tinker June 19, 2020 - 7:06 pm


Will your false twin know when his work is done ie when you meet our real twin. Will he just leave your life?


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