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Why You Are Always Exactly Where You Need To Be

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I caught myself in an awkward situation one winter night. My face looked like I had just returned from hell, I felt the same too.

I don’t clearly remember what my mind was going through neither do I remember what it felt like, or maybe I do. But one thing I do vividly remember is what I was sitting in the centre of a king sized bed as I tried to pull the bed-sheet so close to my body.

Like I was trying to hide my existence from these monsters in my head. I tried to cover myself, I wanted to scream. I swear, my shrieks could have broken the window glass that night.

My mouth opened, with tears flowing down my face, I pulled the sheet close to my chest as the gravity pulled me down. Almost felt like this weight on my shoulder was too much to carry on.

Oh, I guess it was a heartbreak that I went through.

I convinced myself to believe that this was what I was ever going to feel. Maybe I slapped myself once or twice too, for believing that good will come back to you if that I what you send out.

I tried to mould myself into believing everything I once denied. Told myself that this was what I exactly deserved to feel.

Next morning, after a night full of battles, I woke up and sat in the exact same place on my bed. I tried to revise everything I had forced myself to believe last night.

But something felt rather odd about it. My soul just wasn’t ready to believe in something it didn’t feel right about. That’s when I knew that my current situation isn’t my final destination.

Every time you think that you’ve possibly faced everything in life, something new shall come up to surprise you. But that’s the essence of life. You learn every day. Changes are a part of life. Some changes are brought about willingly, whereas some of them face a lot of resistance.

Some of them a very minor, but some changes are huge. However, any amount of change brings a difference in our lives. It is our responsibility to look at things from a positive perspective to make the most out of it.

Let life take its turn. Just don’t stop believing in good. You will feel exactly what you need to feel in a particular situation. Don’t bottle it. Don’t fight it. Just don’t stop at it.

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