Diving Deep Into Your Heart

by Conscious Reminder

A lot of people love the episodes of Star Trek, particularly the way in which Captain Jean-Luc Picard thinks. He would listen to Data, which is a human-robot which gave him an excellent solution from the perspective of the reason.

Simultaneously, he listened to the other members of the team. In the end, he stopped doing or listening to anything and anyone, and he listened to his own heart only. In the episodes, you can notice the relaxation on his face and his rhythmically, peaceful and calm breathing. After that, he used to0 make some decision.

So, is there a possibility to make a decision in some delicate instance of your own existence which will be made on love basis, as well as on listening only to your own heart? Actually, is there a possibility to decide something on love basis?

Yes, it is of course. In fact, people are created in order to make some decisions simply from their core frequency which they find. So, how is that possible?

In fact, there is a universal law which says that the primary cluster of one group of cells plays the fundamental point of the organism’s future.

For instance, when we talk about trees, their roots are actually the primary cluster of them, and they are the point from which something starts and keeps growing and developing in the future, they are fundamental for the plant to develop properly.

However, in this case here, science has some proofs which say that when we are in the mother womb, we are simply a heart.

There is nothing else there, no hands, brain, legs or something else. Does this sound amazing? Focusing on your heart, or much better, when you go in its inside, you will have the access to your first cells. You will also have the access to all the love which was our creator.

Now, science has proofs for something quite interesting. According to the proofs, there are some neurons with some synapses which are placed in our heart and are similar to those of the brain.

Another even more exciting and interesting thing is that our brain actually sends about ten times less information to our heart instead of the opposite process which sends more. This means that the small neuron clusters in our chests are thousand times more potent than the neurons of the brain.

During the last thousand or more years, a lot of teachers, as well as masters talked about this same fact: inside of one person, there is actually a secret power and its source is love, an unconditional one.

In fact, love is considered the source of energy of frequency which God used to create us. Also, our heart consists of some unlimited sources of higher, and greater intelligence ‘programs’ which help us to make efficient and proper choices in our life.

When you listen to the voices coming from your heart, you will be able to access such programs. Everyone can do that, but how it can be done? A lot of people believe that this is quite a difficult thing – going into our inner center in order to see, feel, and sense the reality that is outside from the base of our heart.

They also believe that a person will need a strenuous and laborious effort with which they will live, and from his or her heart, and with utilizing the unconditional love. In fact, it is quite easy, instead of difficult, and you are definitely going to smile when doing that.

The Tibetan method of imagery is the one and simplest which you may use. It comes from the ancient period, and it has been utilized, at the start, by the Adamic race like a method of feeling the world outside just with our heart.

You will have to take three profound breaths, and after that normally breathe in, as well as out. You can visualize a spiral staircase how it goes down from the center of the brain and then to the center of the chest. Then, you should go down those stairs, also step off them and slowly turn to the left.

There will be a door which goes in your heart directly. You should open it and then step inside, and also have in mind to close it. For just an instant, sense, see, as well as feel the love and power emerging from the heart.

Then, for what is left of your day, you should try focusing your entire attention to the heart and also breathe calmly and rhythmically. You will notice the fantastic results and benefits of this easy exercise.

First of all, there will be a complete change in your energy, and also you are going to feel younger, as well as filled with strength, vitality and also liveliness. And second, you are going to learn to always listen to your heart rather than the head.

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