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Kundalini Awakening: What Are The Symptoms & Side effects

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by Conscious Reminder

As Dharma states, Kundalini is actually an area of the body situated at the base of the spine. In fact, it is from that place that it rises, as well as wakes up the subtle energetic chakras as it is reaching even higher for the Sahasrara.

When it is there, some euphoria sensation will encompass the whole body of the person. Although this terminology probably seems absurd, this type of awakening is quite famous, as well as widely detailed and explained phenomenon.

The Kundalini connects the person’s self with his or her destiny, but in order to explain all its symptoms, a person has to understand that technicality which stands behind it first.

Kundalini is actually one of those numerous names which were given to Durga goddess, who was the female incarnation for sacred energy awakening in Shaktism.

Literally, this word translates as ‘coiled up.’ Therefore, people imagine Kundalini shaped like a snake which is actually coiled up somewhere at the base of their spine. Also, there are beliefs that it lives within every single human being, and if that being actually feels the presence of that snake or not, is a different matter. So, this means that this type of awakening is actually possible for every human.

Remember that entering in this state is only advised when there is also a Master present, as each of its symptoms is not innocuous.

How to perform the Kundalini awakening?

This phenomenon may be awakened unconsciously or consciously. So, you are not only entitled to it by meditation. Simply said, you will experience it when you are suffering from some important life-alerting experiences.

At a time of profound meditation, the Kundalini starts awakening slowly, traveling from the root chakra that is situated at the base of the spine and continues up to the top of the head. The moves that this awakening makes will awaken the chakras with dormant energies. Therefore, it will be felt in several steps in your whole body.

What are the side effects or symptoms from this awakening?

The sensation of experiencing some phenomena unlike some other where both are in contact with destiny and spirituality is quite unbelievable, and it was even recorded in medical researches too.

In order to achieve this awakening, the preferred and most useful method is yoga. However, it is not the only one for sure. The Kundalini awakening is usually accompanied with numerous side effects or symptoms which can be or cannot be that desirable.

The ill-side effects of the awakening.

There are people who actually refer to Kundalini awakening symptoms as some ill-side effects. Such symptoms or ill-side effects include emotional numbness, electricity circulation feeling throughout the body, sudden dizziness, some extreme or diminished sexual desire, unexpected joy and happiness, undesirable tremors, mood swings, as well as loss of your appetite. There are a lot of others too.

A person has to consider that every person has distinct dormant energy chakras. So, the symptoms of the awakening will vary, depending on intensity. For example, when someone is prone to experience it regularly, he or she may also not experience its symptoms vividly like others. Otherwise, when a person is not used to that experience, it can affect him or her.

No matter of what, when you sometimes feel some mental or physical sensation which you consider unordinary, you should consult your physician about that. You cannot simply disregard some feeling like a temporary Kundalini awakening symptom. That awakening will need months before it ends.

So, this awakening is the spiritual one of the energies which are lying dormant at the base of the spine for several years until they actually feel that it has to emerge. When up, it will awaken the dormant energy chakras and also cause some sensations on the way, indicating that it is present.

It can result in many different symptoms, such as a sensation of joy and happiness, and you may also feel some uncomfortable sensations like the one which we already mentioned.

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