Which Side Are You On, Dark Or Light?

by Conscious Reminder

By nature, human beings are dualistic. In fact, it means we are of source/spirit energy, as well as ego matter/persona. At the age of three, our senses of individually/self start to develop. This occurs primarily by judging and labeling our perceptions of what actually appears.

When we will never be able to temper that while we are growing older, then we are going to separate from other people and our spirit too. This is going to lead to some feelings of isolation, loneliness, and also abandonment. Ultimately, through a continuous separation, we abandoned the spiritual self within us.

Those that are sensitive can struggle with dualities.

Always look at things from some other perspective. So, instead of labeling something as bad or dark, we are going to utilize the expression low frequency, while instead of good or light, we can utilize the term high frequency. Currently, we work within some range. Every person in this humanity actually holds some energetic frequency on that range.

The energetic signatures actually are the whole of people’s thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. Every one of us is unique and had a base set at his or her birth, which is a range or frequency that operates naturally and which is after that tuned through his or her energetic signatures.

The reason for this is because every person is in this world to learn, grow, as well as experience through this human vessel. There is a duality within humans, and for each frequency which exists, there is actually an opposite existing one – for instance, high and low. The base setting of every person is decided upon each life lesson he or she is here to learn and experience. So, does this imply that people are not able to change?

Well, we may respond to this like from the higher selves instead of reacting from the ego matter or persona. In fact, it is going to take some conscious and awareness observation. Also, it is a type of practice that requires enormous dedication, and it may be surely done.

The place of spiritual teachers, as well as the energetic range shifting.

Where best spiritual teachers may fit in? Also, when the energetic range shifting occurs, it is quite helpful and useful for people that are higher on a scale in order to hold that space, as well as support us in the process of transition. Also, they being present will help us adjust the frequency and vibration. Every one of us operates on some range.

Something about resistance and acceptance.

A distinct experience lies in acceptance. For instance, while on your way of going home, you got mugged, so you proceed by making contact with the police, or everything else you will have to do. 

Then, as the perpetrator is evil, and accepting he or she has been acting from the lower energy frequency, you will not react or even say that you are a victim, as it happened what happened, you should keep going into the following moment.

You will not create some resistance of the things that happened by telling stories, which is going to shift your energy frequency, as well as cause some suffering. So, resistance leads to pain and suffering. 

In the end, everything comes to the fact that every one of us exists to do or to experience everything he or she is supposed to, or see what they have to also evolve, so then her or she can shift in the following frequency. Usually, suffering is the reason for transition. So, it seems quite challenging to be a human, right?

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