Do This Technique To Open Your Spiritual Eyes

by Conscious Reminder

There are two universal wills, the one which operates for you 24 hours a day and the one that operates against you, also for 24 hours. Perhaps, you know well the one that operates against you.

In fact, it is the one who continually drags you to some external or internal self-pushing, as well as unprofitable moments.

On the other hand, the will which operates for your own good is actually the one which tells you that there always exists something more than you can embrace now, and it still tells you that there is actually another will which is against you and which tries to push you constantly. If this one never existed, you will never be able to perceive the harmful will. 

When something is for you own good or also against your own good, isn’t that actually the same thing like saying that there is something that tries to push you up or also down?

Well, if it is real that there exists a will which tries to push you down and also one which tries to bring you up, how both of them can have powers over you? Also, how can they push you down or also help you go up?

In fact, you actually have a so-called free will – the one in a sense. It is the will which is targeted to the choices that you make in order to line you up with the one that ascends or the one that descends.

Unluckily, in the first discovery, as well as a misunderstanding of both of the wills, some individuals may fall entirely away from the inner work. Usually, it occurs when people start feeling that there is a strain of about two things which pulls them at once.

This is necessary to happen, but why? Well, because when you don’t believe or even feel that two things pull you at the same time, it actually means that just one of them pulls you.

Also, if you don’t live in a greater and higher place, it means that the descending is the one that pulls you. Before, people went after the descending hand and they didn’t asked any questions, but now, they know that they have the possibility to go up, and than actually makes them conscious of their pain in the process of going down.

No matter if they see that or not, the world is now in the hand which comes somewhere from underneath the earth.

A person will have to think of every act of will which happens as those acts never happened before on the planet, on which adults and youngsters commit some incredible acts, saying that they are not aware of what actually came in front of them and so on.

Through all of their years, they actually reached a point in which they are not able to make a distinction between the one hand which wants to really push them down and also the one which wants to pull them up. Coming to that point, they are goners.

However, knowing and realizing the difference will cost something, meaning that people will need to work hard so they will not be bothered. They would like to feel some pleasure without disturbance. 

At the moment when they will become conscious of themselves and ask some questions, they will also know which of the two spirits possesses them.

However, there is a problem: some parts of their nature will not like to ask questions, as they don’t really want to really know who possesses them.

So, people should be conscious of such defensive spirit lying inside them. They can do spiritual work, or open their spiritual eyes, as well as leave every battle to their Heavenly Father, to Christ, Reality, and Truth.

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